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New Years Resolutions That DON’T Focus On Your Body

January 8, 2018

New Years resolutions always seem to revolve around body and aesthetics. I always see things like: get fit, eat healthier, lose x amount of pounds, transform my body, etc. Having fitness goals and goals to make changes to your physique is GREAT, don’t get me wrong. I think having those goals are awesome, no matter what time of year it is. Obviously, that is part of my business and career – I help people reach their fitness goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, or increase their metabolic capacity. I myself have my own physique goals I will be focusing on post-baby and that is completely okay, too.

I do think people seem to look down upon those who have goals that relate to fitness or their body. I get it, I do. A lot of these people are fed up with diet culture and constantly focusing on what you look like because it is NOT the most important thing in the world. I agree with this side of the spectrum as well. However, some people have those goals relating to fitness and body and that’s okay if that is for them. Everyone is different and at different points in their lives and fitness/health journeys. There is no wrong or right.

So while yes, I help others reach their fitness goals and am ALL for those types of goals, the purpose of this blog post is to provide some resolution ideas that DO NOT focus on your body, aesthetics, dieting, or changing your body. There is a lot of people out there who do get negatively caught up in diet culture and hyper-focusing on their body, which isn’t truly healthy either. I constantly preach that health is not only physical health, but mental health as well. Those who are always trying to change themselves out of hate or dislike, those who struggle with loving themselves, those who struggle with constant yo-yo dieting, obsessing over food and their body, and just having an unhealthy relationship with food and fitness. There is more to life than that, I promise you.

Here are some ideas for resolutions that DON’T focus on changing your body, dieting, or anything of that nature:

1. Read More – Reading has so many benefits, so it’s important to do a little bit every day! Stress reduction, mental stimulation, knowledge, vocabulary improvement, better writing skills, and so much more.

2. Pursue and focus on hobbies and interests that you haven’t before – It’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day life, responsibilities, and work which makes it extremely easy to never make time for other things you may be interested in. Pick up a hobby or focus more on the ones you know you love. Do things that make you happy outside of every day life and responsibilities!

3. Stop Procrastinating – I procrastinated this blog post for like 2 weeks. Yeah, I need to work on this. Procrastinating just causes more stress and anxiety in my opinion. Give yourself deadlines, make a list, and just get to it. You’ll feel better if you just get it done instead of continuing to put things off.

4. Try something new – This can be anything! For my boyfriend and I’s one-year anniversary, I booked us a cooking class at Sur La Table. We had never done that before but it sounded like so much fun, and it was a good experience. You never know if you like something until you try it. Other examples of things to try: start a blog, archery (it’s a ton of fun), take a photography class, try a new sport or a type of exercise, find a new recipe to cook, and more.

5. Meditate – Meditation has so many benefits including stress reduction, improving concentration, improving self-awareness, increases happiness, and more. I won’t lie, I have SUCH a hard time with meditation. I can never stick with it and I have such a hard time shutting my brain off. It’s definitely a challenge for me, and another reason why I should focus on doing it more!

6. Get a goal/gratitude journal – I love either the passion planner or the panda planner. Each day you write things you’re grateful for, your to-do list for that day, and more. It’s a perfect way to keep track of your plans and to start realizing things you’re grateful for.

7. Make sleep a priority – SLEEP. IS. LIFE!!!! Seriously, though. I find that when I don’t get enough sleep I am hungrier for no reason, it’s harder for me to be productive, harder to concentrate, and more. For me, I need at LEAST 8 hours to function, but honestly do best with around 9 sometimes even 10. Read before bed, shut out lights, and wind down for better sleep.

8. Save money/pay off debts – Saving money and paying off debt is something everyone should always be doing. I’m awful at it. I think this entire list is secretly for me 😉 No, but really. Debt sucks. Not having money sucks. So put a little bit in savings every time you get paid. Pay off your debts every month. A little goes a long way!

9. Take more chances – Sounds corny, but the best things in my life have occurred from taking chances. So many things terrified me, but once I did them such incredible things happened afterwards. Moving across country from Florida to Colorado, then not getting a corporate job to focus on my own business, starting my blog/youtube/social media channels, moving from Colorado to LA to focus on acting, opening my heart to love again. All of these things were things that were absolutely terrifying, but have turned out to be the best decisions I’ve ever made. What’s the worst that can happen?

10. Be kinder to yourself/be more confident – We are always our own worst critics and it’s easy to be insecure with yourself or your decisions. Being kind to yourself is just as important to being kind to others. Have confidence in yourself as well, trust yourself and your instincts!


What are some of your goals for 2018?

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