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My Birth Plan

December 20, 2017

At first I said I was having no birth plan and just winging it like I do the rest of my life. While that is still true to some extent, I realized having a tentative plan can help.

As we all know, childbirth is never convenient or expected. It can happen a month early, or it can happen 2 weeks later than expected. You can go in hoping for a natural birth and end up needing a c-section. You just never know what can happen!

Growing up, I had all intentions of doing an all-natural birth. I always said I never wanted an epidural or any type of medication because I was very focused on doing almost everything in my life holistically. As I got a bit older, I realized that may be unrealistic and if I needed some drugs or an epidural, then I would get one. At one point I even said EFF DOING IT NATURAL, I know I’ll need that epidural. I think that came from everyone telling me how bad labor really was.

Fast forward to now, I am 30 weeks pregnant, and just decided on my tentative birth plan. My boyfriend Matthew and I took a childbirth class on December 1st and 2nd and it gave me a LOT of insight on what to expect for labor, delivery, drugs, no drugs, and more. I learned a lot and I’m so, so glad we took the class. I recommend all first-time mom’s and dad’s to take a child birthing class!

There was so much information I didn’t know anything about, and I thought I had done a good amount of research on pregnancy, childbirth, and more ever since I knew I wanted to be a mom and have tons of babies. Well, I was wrong. You can never learn too much and you never know everything!

After taking the class was when I decided I’m going to go into labor trying to do it completely natural. I’m not against medication, and if I really need it, I will get that epidural. However, the things I learned about made me go back to my initial roots of having it completely drug-free. If anything, I will stick with the electromagnets and nitrous oxide to help me relax and ease the pain.

I made this decision because I learned about all of the different positions you could do during labor – walking around, taking a shower, on the exercise ball, hands and knees, having your partner dress and massage your back, and more. I love the thought of being able to not only move around during the process, but being completely in control throughout the entire labor.

I learned that when you do get an epidural, you have to stay in bed because your legs are numb, it may slow down the labor process, and you may not have control over your body since you may not feel the bottom half. None of that is bad of course, and I’m sure it is nice to feel less pain and be able to sleep. However, the first options are much more appealing to me.

I personally always tend to have bad reactions to medication and anesthesia. I’m sure an epidural is a bit different, but for my gallbladder and breast surgery, the anesthesia gave me an awful reaction afterwards with trouble waking up, vomiting and nausea, extremely low blood pressure, and more. As for pain medication and drugs, I’ve also had bad reactions to almost everything. After those two major surgeries, I tried taking vicoden, oxycodon, and whatever else they gave me and they either didn’t work at all or made me trip out and have an allergic reaction to them. I ended up recovering both of those surgeries on NSAIDS only.

So I’d say I have a pretty high pain tolerance.

I told Matthew to get ready to be my coach and doula and he is SO dang ready. I have the best baby daddy. Sutdies show that the labor time decreases by 50% just by having someone there to support you and tell you you’re doing a great job. How awesome is that?

Some more questions and answers about my plan:

When will I like to go to the hospital?

I decided I want to labor at home as long as possible. If my water breaks, I will call the doctor to see if I need to come in. However, I want to wait at least until contractions are much more intense, maybe something like 5 minutes apart and lasting for about 1 minute. I’m not 100% sure, but I would definitely like to be home as long as possible.

Who will be in the room with me?

Matthew and my mama! Since I do plan to labor at home as long as possible, I highly doubt I would want other people to be in the room when I’m in a lot of pain and during active labor. I’d prefer to just have them there. Matthew’s family will likely come after the baby is born, I assume.

Will I be recording/videotaping and taking photos?

I do plan to. At first I didn’t think I did, but now I think it’d be beautiful to look back on. I know we have to ask the anesthesiologist if they mind at my hospital, so I hope all it good.

How do I feel about being induced?

I’d rather not! Like I said, I want to try to do it natural, but I do know that my hospital induces one week post due-date. Baby G, come on time, please!

Who will cut the cord?


Do I want baby to be placed on my chest immediately?

Yes! I can’t even imagine the feeling of being able to hold my baby when he comes out. Absolutely incredible.

Will I have a mirror?

I definitely want one, it’d be wild to be able to see myself push him out.

Do I plan to push in a different position?

I am open to it for sure! Squatting, hands and knees, etc. I think those help open the pelvic floor and will make it easier. Another reason I don’t really want an epidural.

Will I be breastfeeding?

YES!!!! I feel so strongly about this. I can’t wait for the breastfeeding journey. I will likely get a lactation specialist to help out, and I’ll be taking a class int he beginning of February to learn more about it.

    1. You’ll be amazing however it goes! I personally found repeatedly telling myself at the worst parts (ie. all of it!!) that if I was alive and surviving this horrible pain right now that I could do it for a little bit longer!

      Great idea to record the birth process, I didn’t and it feels so unreal later that I wish I had to help me understand what happened better.

      My darling boy is 7 months now and so much fun 😊

    1. So, I’ve had 2 daughters and each was extremely different! However, both were VERY FAST in terms of labor. Go into it with the mind set of all that matters is happy/healthy mom and baby and and that is all that matters! If you have questions about fast labor which NO ONE TALKS ABOUT! I’m happy to answer any questions, I was in labor for 3.5 and 1.5 hours for each daughter…we delivered at Mercy Folsom!

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