Day 1 – Mother’s Day and Muir Woods

May 13, 2014


Saturday night I made the 6 hour flight to the West Coast and landing in San Francisco.


Man, that was a long flight and a long night, but it was so worth it. I didn’t get to bed until around 1:45 am (which is 4:45 am Florida time). So exhausting, but I couldn’t be more excited to be here.


The next morning, I actually was the first one awake. No surprise here. I decided to head to the gym and get a workout in! This gym was literally AMAZING. It had everything – dumbbells, machines, cardio machines, spin bikes, kettle bells, ropes, balls, medicine balls, boss balls, everything. I. was. in. heaven.

Once I was done, the family was finally awake and we were all ready for mother’s day breakfast!

Mom’s dish…


My bro got the eggs benedict.


And I ordered the egg white omelet, with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese. It came with home fries and fresh fruit. Of course, multiple cups of coffee was consumed as well.


Delicious. And for anyone interested, I’ve stopped counting macros. I counted while reverse dieting which helped a LOT because I tend to under eat when I’m not being mindful of calories, but I’ve been eating intuitively lately and it’s been great.


Our hotel was right in the heart of downtown San Fran, so I got a little glimpse of the city. BUT, more on the city next post.


We decided to head for a hike in Muir Woods for mother’s day! The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS. Sunny, but cool and not humid at all. Unlike Florida… ha ha. Such beautiful views. I love nature. And hills. And mountains.


Selfie’s in the woods!


We hiked all through the trail and it was perfect. We certainly worked up an appetite after all the hiking.

We stopped at a cute little restaurant in Sausalito.


I ordered the turkey burger with sautéed vegetables and avocado. I’m obsessed with avocados if you don’t know, and they are 100x better here in Cali of course.


Oh hey, Bren.


THIS VIEW. I’m never leaving. Seriously.


This was the view from my room.



Later that night we finally got back to our hotel room and got ready for dinner. We were still jet lagged and exhausted, so we decided on sushi right near our hotel.



Mom and I shared this rainbow roll (top) and another roll wrapped in cucumber (bottom). Both delicious, and they had gluten free soy sauce! Score.

It was a perfect way to spend mother’s day! Good food, good exercise, and good company. Oh, and I’m obsessed with Cali. Did I already mention that? 😉


Have you ever been to Northern California?

What did you do for mother’s day?

Do you like to hike?

    1. Ahhh I love it when gyms are amazing. I have one in my hometown that I literally wish I could live in haha. Scented refrigerated towels, to-die-for bathrooms, and all the workout machines you could thing of! Loving all that delicious food and I just wanted to mention that you have the most gorgeous eyes ever! Seriously, I want to swim in those baby blues hahah ;).

    1. Oh it looks so beautiful there!! So does you and your family!
      I’ve been to California (San Diego, LA, SFO) in 1998, haha – toooo long ago.
      I want to go to back for 2 months next year – these pics make me even more excited about it!

      1. Thank you! It’s soooo beautiful! I want to move here haha

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