Lost Your Period? Why You Lost It & How To Get It Back

July 25, 2016

A healthy, functioning female body gets a monthly visitor known as menstruation. The uterus gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if a woman is to become pregnant. If she doesn’t, the lining is released, and is known as a period, aunt FLO, mother nature, whatever you want to call it. All women get periods for a reason, obviously for pregnancy, but also because it’s a natural function of a woman’s body. Not getting your period is a sign that something is up, and in this case, I’m covering why women may not get their period in the fitness industry.

**This also does NOT include those women that are on birth control. However, sometimes birth control can mask these issues without women even realizing it.**

First of all, there may be serious medical issues that are causing someone not to get their period. Of course, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor. It could be PCOS, a thyroid issue, or various other reasons.

If there is NOT an underlying issue, it could simply be because of your diet, exercise, body fat levels, body weight, losing weight too quickly, multiple of those reasons, or all of the above. The main reason is because of stress – physical, mental, and emotional.

Our body’s NUMBER ONE JOB is to maintain homeostasis – which means to keep the body regulated and to keep us alive. When the body signals danger, the first thing it shuts down is the reproductive system. This is because we technically don’t need it to live (such as our cardiovascular system for example, obviously that is an absolute necessity).

Losing your period is a HUGE red flag and it’s basically your body’s way of telling you “WOAH, slow down, something is NOT right”!

Not getting your period should not be normalized, EVER. However, I feel like a lot of people, including some doctors and physicians, simply brush it off. Not only can you get osteoporosis, you can also increase your risk for heart disease and various other health issues.

Check out my video where I dive deeper into why you may have lost it and how you can get it back.

Just remember that not having your period is not normal, and should never be normalized or brushed off.

Health above all else.

    1. What do you think is a good range to aim for if you have lost your period? I recently did a challenge with an online coach and had amazing results. I am trying to reverse out of the lower macros (which really were not that low in comparison to most), I am gaining weight and not in a muscle building way, but, I did lose my period. I can’t seem to get it back – even with higher fat and carbs. I’m just curious as to if there is possibly a range that might help it kick back in? Afraid to go too much higher with my macros at the rate I’m gaining weight, but, I know this is important. Thank you!

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