LA Fit Expo Experience

January 30, 2016

Wow. So usually on this blog I’ve been keeping it less and less like a day-in-the life type of blog and more of a topic/informative post type of blog. However, this was something I just had to share and document with you all.

I decided very last minute to go to the LA Fit Expo, even though it was a super short trip. I always say I want to go to expos but never do, either because of work, money, or all of the above. I vowed to myself to be more spontaneous this year, and I certainly have gotten off on a great foot already.

I knew I wanted to experience an expo, and I also wanted to meet all of my fellow internet friends (other you tubers, bloggers, and instagram friends) as well as all of my subscribers/followers. So last minute I said YOLO, and decided to book a trip.

So far, that was the best decision I have made this year.

It completed exceeded my expectations. I did not expect so many people to come up to me and say hi to me, ask to take a picture, and tell me that they follow me on IG/YouTube. Hearing people tell me that I inspire them in person is honestly surreal and makes me just want to cry tears of joy. Starting my social media accounts is exactly about that – reaching people in order to HELP them. Inspire people. Motivate people. Share my journey, yes, but in hopes that it inspires others to go after what they want and showing others that they are capable of anything.

It was absolutely incredible to meet so many of you in person. It was surreal to me and I honestly learned so much simply going to this expo. If I’m being honest, I’ve been doubting myself SO hard lately. I’ve been doubting my path in life, what I want to do, what I think I’m worthy/capable of, and what my passion is/what I’m meant to do. This weekend brought me so much clarity and I just want to thank you all for that.

I have also met and connected with SO many like-minded people like myself, and have honestly met some of my best friends since being a part of the fitness industry and through social media. It’s amazing to think about. I know that I am at this point in my life for a reason, and while only God knows what He has in store for me, this was a little glimpse into the incredible path that he has paved for my life.

I was so inspired simply by the energy at the expo and in California, by all of the people I met, and by all of your support and kind words. The only way I can honestly describe it is “surreal”. Thank you all so much for being so amazing, it honestly means the world to me.

Check out the entire experience in the video below! <3

    1. I had such an incredible time there on Sunday–I met John, Brian, Chelsea, Travis, Rob and so much more wonderful people! So sad I didn’t get to see you 🙁 I’m glad that you had a fantastic time! Hope CA is treating you well!

    1. It looked like you had such a great time out there. It stinks because I was only a couple hours south of you when you were out there!

    1. I don’t always get the time to read your posts but I’m glad I took the time to read this one!! Stay positive, keep up with the hard work, and don’t be so hard on yourself!!! You truly are an inspiration and It’s heart-warming to see that you got a good dose of a reminder of that at the expo 🙂

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