Kim Magic Pop Review

January 21, 2015



When Kim’s Magic Pop emailed me about reviewing their products, I jumped at the opportunity! I have been seeing these products all over instagram, and I had heard people rave about them.

I wasn’t expecting such a HUGE package! I was super excited and dug right into the Deli Pop’s, and now that it has been some time, I have had a chance to try everything.

These products are low-cal and have awesome macros so that means one thing – volume food!

I show each product individually on my youtube channel, and even do a taste-test for the Deli Pop which were my favorite out of all of the products.

A review inside a review – blog inception 😉

Anyway, like I stated, the Deli Pop cakes were my favorite – especially the green tea flavor. Sounds weird, I know, but trust me, I couldn’t stop eating them! The other products were all great as well. The big cakes were light and airy and huuuuuge, while the smaller ones were more dense but perfectly crunchy. They are all different flavors as well, but they are all equally delicious. You get a chance to decide which you want based on if you’re in the mood for sweet or salty – cheddar cheese, potato, onion, strawberry, cinnamon, honey wheat, pumpkin and original are some of the flavors.

Definitely check them out! Highly recommended 🙂


Have you tried kim’s magic pop?

Sweet or savory?



    1. I haven’t tried those but as a fellow volume eater I’m going to check them out! I just started training for my first bikini comp and your blog has inspired me so much- if I look half as amazing as you on show day I will be so happy. I nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award- check out my blog if you’d like to participate!

      1. Ahhh I’m so glad I inspired you!!! Thank so much beautiful, I’m going to check it out 😀 You will do amazing on show day, and if you have ANY questions just let me know!

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