July 23, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Snapchat, you may have already heard the news. If not, I’m sure you can guess from the title 🙂

Yes, I am in fact pregnant with my first child and I couldn’t be more excited!!!!!

Those of you who really know me or have been keeping up with my journey for a while, know that I always say that my purpose in life is to become a mama. After going through amenorrhea, losing my period, and just tons of ups and downs in my health and fitness journey, I am beyond blessed that I have the opportunity to create life and bring a child into this world. I couldn’t be more grateful. I pray every single day and thank God for this opportunity, and I truly believe things happen for a reason. Everything just feels so right.

I am a very indecisive person, and I’m always questioning if what I’m doing in my life is what I truly want – from competing, to my career, etc. However, the ONLY thing that remained constant and the ONLY thing I was 100% certain of, was that I wanted to have children some day. After years of putting my body through a lot physically and especially after my last competition prep, I realized that my actions towards my body could possibly affect my chances of becoming a mother. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to have children. So, I stopped putting my body through the ringer and started taking care of it. I fixed my amenorrhea and regulated my hormones first and foremost, and I really started to get in tune with my body. I started listening to it, nourishing it, feeding it well, and treating it right. This was essential, because if I never did this, I’m not sure I would be writing this blog post today about being pregnant.

Aside from all the serious talk, I’M FREAKING PREGNANT!!!!! I am so excited, and it’s honestly a bit surreal to me still. I wake up everyday and say to my boyfriend “Matthew, there’s a baby in there”, “Matthew we’re having a baby”, “Matthew I’m PREGNANT”!!!

We are both over the moon, and to be honest, it wasn’t much of a surprise. Having children and having a family was one of the first things we both told each other the first time we ever started talking, even before meeting in person. Now that it’s really happening, we couldn’t be happier to be starting a family together.

As for this blog and the content on my other social media channels, I can’t wait to share this part of my life and this new journey with you all. I kept saying I needed to get back into blogging, and I promise this is my return.

Some comments I have been seeing have been about me losing my body. I’ve had some people say “well, there goes your body it’ll be ruined”. This is so not true, and this is something I really want to get out there. I want to reach those women who are scared to become pregnant because they think their body will be ruined. I want to reach those people who think it isn’t possible to be healthy and fit while pregnant. I also want to reach those people who don’t think you can get your body back post baby.

First and foremost, I want to show you how to have a safe, HEALTHY, and happy pregnancy. This includes eating intuitively, eating foods that are good for you, but also those foods that you need to satisfy your cravings! Heck, you better be enjoying yourselves future mamas! I also want to show you that you can continue to workout in a safe and effective manner. This isn’t the time to start a new and intense fitness regimen. However, you can typically continue what you were doing with some modifications. You can also just move in any way that feels good to you! Don’t feel like you HAVE to do a certain type of workout – find what works for you. On the other hand, I want to show you that you need to gain weight and how to be ok with your body changing. I know some people struggle with that, and someone also asked me that as well. They said, “Brittany, will you gain weight and let your body do its thing, or try to stay as lean and healthy for the baby”? I thought it was a bit oddly worded, but my response was “I will gain as much weight as I need for the baby to be the healthiest it can be. For myself, it’s healthy for me to gain between 25-35 pounds, but I know sometimes women gain more. I will pretty much let my body do its thing, but I also don’t want to be gaining too much unnecessary weight which could also cause problems such a diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, etc.” Remember, you’re creating a life and you have a BABY growing inside of you. This isn’t the time to be hyper focused on what your body looks like. You will get cellulite, you will gain fat and weight, you may not feel as sexy all the time, but heck, you sure are because there’s nothing more incredible than being pregnant and carrying a baby. Being healthy and making sure you are the healthiest you can be for the baby is one thing, but don’t focus on the negatives.

I am so excited to be bringing you all along on this journey with me. Pregnancy workout videos, what I’m eating, updates, and so much more are on the way. I hope you follow along!

If you’re curious how I knew I was pregnant before testing, how I told Matthew, how we told our parents, then watch this video!




    1. Congratulations! I had a fit pregnancy and have NEVER had body image issues, and I can only tell you how HARD the postpartum period was for me because of how I looked. I love your optimism and I’d definitely stick with it, but I was totally positive about how I’d feel about myself postpartum and it was like a LOOOONG slap in the face until I could even work on getting back to myself. And I have now put tons of work into my body again, but it’s not the same as before and it never will be. Your body won’t be ruined, but I don’t think you can ever get the body you knew before pregnancy back. It grew a baby- things just AREN’T the same.

    1. Congrats and that is so exciting. You are going to be such a great mother Brittany. When the time is right, I know you’ll be able to put the work back in to be where you want and continue your fitness goals. I’m looking forward to following your journey!

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