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October 8, 2014

I have to admit.. I’ve been seriously slacking with taking pictures of my meals. Not only that, but I’ve been incredibly lazy and eating the same stuff over and over. Hey, whatever works, right?

When I’m super busy, I tend to do that. Good thing I love what I eat! However, I did get some foodie finds that I am looooving lately. I swear, I’m in the grocery store way too often. And dang trader joe’s always makes me buy more things that expected. It is pumpkin and fall HEAVEN in there. Beware….

Anyway, make sure to link up with Jenn!


Loving everything fall lately, of course. Although I’m still sweating my a** off here in South Florida. I’m pretending it’s cold out 😉

First up are the meals I did manage to capture.


If I had to pick a carb source to eat for the rest of my life, it would be japanese sweet potato. The absolute BEST. You have to baked them in the oven though for a long time if you want them to taste the best. Yum.


This is another one of my favorite meals. Brussels, squash in coconut oil, chicken and avo.


Coffee. 24/7


Ice cream protein shake topped with cheerios because I’m 5.


More coffee 😉 with a side of school work.


Pumpkin pancakes for a pre-bed meal.


Match made in heaven.


Loved this bread! Thin slim foods sent me some of this bread, as well as some other treats. A full review will definitely be up on the blog once I try everything! Awesome macros, and passed my taste test!



Was making brussels for dinner one night (because I’m obsessed) and thought this was an avocado. Um… brussel on steroids much?

And now for the foodie finds I’m loving.


I had to restrain myself from buying ALL THINGS PUMPKIN in TJ’s, but this I couldn’t resist. I love cereal. This was the perfect amount of flavor – not too strong, just right. Go buy this stat.


I love nuts. This is the perfect mixture of my favorites! Almonds, walnuts, cashews, and some others that I don’t remember.


My favorite thing is trying new flavored coffees. I’m addicted. This is the newest one, and i’ve been mixing it with pumpkin spice – BEST IDEA EVER. Do it.


Like I needed another jar of nut butter, right? I think I have like 50 now. I have a problem. But this is freakin delicious, and high in protein.


IT’S BACK!!!!! My absolute favorite tea of all.time. That’s serious, because I’m not a huuuuge tea drinker. So, so delicious.



Love this guac. Especially since I’m on prep, you get a loooot of guac for lower fat. Not that guac is a bad fat, but lets be real, sometimes volume food wins 😉


Both of these greek yogurts are amaaaazing. The macros are on point, too. 12g protein, 9g carbs, 0g fat. I’ve been mixing them with cottage cheese for some more protein, and then topping it with cheerios or pumpkin spice o’s and the nuts! Perfect snack.

That’s about it for this week!

What have you been loving lately?

Are you a tea drinker? What’s your favorite?


      1. hahahaha it’s so hard to have self control around it.

    1. That’s one serious brussel!! I’m loving all the squash lately. I cannot get enough and love that Trader Joe’s has such a wide selection! The sleigh ride tea is one of my favorites. Ah, really I love love love this time of year!

      1. So do I! I stocked up on Kabocha at TJ’s 😉

    1. I looove the dannon light and fit greek yogurts. I want to put pumpkin o’s alllll up in the toasted coconut vanilla. And what about that high protein cookie butter??

    1. I’m a tea drinker, instead of a coffe drinker. I have a green tea every morning! I’m in LA now and will definitely be going to a TJ’s, I will check out this cool tea and stock up on crazy flavours that don’t exist in Germany! 🙂 and nut butters!!

    1. I’ve actually have never had a Japanese sweet potato, which is a little odd since I’m half Japanese haha. I do love kabocha squash though! SO good. Which reminds me I need to add that to my grocery list haha. Also, I’ve been hearing so much about those teas lately and think I’m going to grab a box of that flavor! I’m much more of a coffee person, so it’ll be nice to switch things up a little 🙂

      1. You MUST try it! So delicious. I’m a coffee person, too. I have the tea at night as a bedtime drink since it has no caffeine 🙂

      1. Ahhhh you definitely do!!! I love it so much

      1. RIGHT?! I love them so much! I need to try purple sweet potatoes, I can’t find them though =/

    1. I don’t think i could do one of these posts because I would have the same foods every single week!!! haha! I’m loving some of your favorites though and going to have to try them out!!! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week miss!

    1. I am definitely checking out that Manbake Cookie Butter – it looks AWESOME! I love the idea of a healthier version to the Trader Joe’s kind (even though like you I love Trader Joe’s).

      1. It’s soo good!! It tastes more like pb&co cinnamon raisin peanut butter though which is odd haha

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