How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

September 21, 2015


Working from home is truly a blessing, but it also has its challenges. So many people may think it would be wonderful to do so, and I have to say it is, I love it, however it does take some getting used to and some changes in order to make it work. Yes, you actually WORK when you work from home. A common misconception about working from home is that you can do whatever you want. While yes, that’s true to an extent since you can be flexible, it is important to get all the work you need to get done. It may be hard to concentrate, you will probably be very tempted to crawl back into bed, it’s quiet since you don’t have anyone around you, and you may want to eat the entire kitchen in order to take a “break”.

Here are some tips that may help you stay productive if you do work from home.

  1. Make a schedule.
    • Decide when your “business hours” will be and try to stick to it. If you work better in the morning, set an alarm and plan out when you will start your work, take a lunch break, and finish your work. It’s important to do this so that you stay on track, and you aren’t tempted to work outside of business hours.
  2. Get dressed!
    • I’d be lying if I said I did this everyday, but I have to admit it really does help. Put on some makeup if you want, get dressed, and try not to stay in your pajamas all day. Typically my getting dressed is gym clothes, lets be real, but I feel much more productive & less likely to crawl back into bed than if I’m in my pajamas.
  3. Turn off the social media.
    • Since I’m a social media project manager, I automatically shut mine off and just work on my clients. This has helped a LOT, because if my social media is open I always want to check Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. and then I get distracted and waste way too much time on them and get nothing done.
  4. Have a designated office, or even better a stand-up desk.
    • It’s much easier to concentrate if you have a specific office space set up, instead of relying on the dining room table or something. I’ve been doing a stand-up desk and have been loving it even more! It keeps me more awake and alert than if I was sitting down getting sleepy.
  5. Take walks/get your exercise in.
    • Working from home can certainly be isolating, and sometimes you may not even leave the house at all. I make sure to at least go to the gym to get out, and sometimes take 10-15 minutes to take a brisk walk outside to get some fresh air. You’ll feel more rejuvenated afterwards and it’ll make you feel good and not so cooped up.


What do you think would be your biggest challenge?

Any tips you’d like to share if you work from home?


    1. These are great tips! I have been working from home 2 years now, and these are so important. I also find working out first thing before work helps, and it gives me more energy too. Great post!

      1. it can either help me stay productive or make me want to run away not return to work HAHA

    1. Love these tips! While I don’t work from home right now, I did for a long time when I was doing PR and writing for the magazine and having a stand-up desk would have helped so much!

    1. How did you get this job? It sounds like a really cool job. I would love to work from home.

    1. Awesome tips! I’m going to be completing my degree online, so I’ve been looking for blogposts like this! I always need to go for a walk when I’m studying! Sometimes it turns out to be a 15 minute walk, other times it turns into a two hour wander. Whoopsie. Ha. Need to get a handle on that!

      1. I am completing my degree online as well! So with working from home and school from home I basically don’t leave the house LOL!

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