How To Stay Healthy As A Mom

May 21, 2019

Getting fit and staying healthy as a new mom can seem almost impossible when thinking about it. However, it CAN absolutely be done. It’s not as easy as it was before becoming a mom, that’s for sure, but it’s not impossible.

First thing I want to remind all of you mamas – self care and taking care of yourself is SO important. I know that when you become a mom, your kids come first. However, I truly think when you take care of yourself first, you feel better and can then in turn be a better mom. That’s how I feel at least… when I don’t talk care of myself, I feel like I’m not at my best for myself or anyone else, including Grayson.

Think of it as when you’re on an airplane – you must put on your oxygen mask first in order to put the mask on your kids. If you don’t do that first, you can’t do that for them. Self care is the same exact thing.

Not only that, but staying fit and healthy is one of the best gifts and examples you can give your children. Feeding them healthy food, getting them outside and keeping them active will set them up for the healthiest life they can have. Wellness is so much more than how we look. It’s about how we feel, being mentally and physically healthy and at our best.

Filling ourselves and our kids up with proper nutrients and teaching them the importance of moving their body will benefit them so much in the long run.

Here are three simple tips to help you stay fit and healthy as a mom:

  1. Make small changes – I think when people start on a fitness or health journey they do way too much too fast. It becomes overwhelming and makes it seem too hard and too impossible. Start by cooking more, incorporating more veggies, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep and going outside for walks more.
  2. Make it a habit/lifestyle – For me, going to the gym and eating right has become my lifestyle. It’s second nature to me. I go to the gym around a similar time of the day because it’s just what I do. Just like brushing my teeth or putting Grayson down for a nap, it’s just part of the routine.
  3. Be patient and kind to yourself – This one is huge. Patience is key when it comes to your fitness and health journey. As humans, we want to see results yesterday, but it takes time. Focus on how you FEEL and the progress you’re making instead of how you look and how far you still have to go.