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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

December 13, 2017

Why… Why is shopping for men SO.DANG.HARD? I’ve always had trouble with it, but it’s even harder when your man buys things he wants/needs when he wants or needs them. I tried to come up with a variety of different gifts, so I split it up into fitness, food, and just general. Wow, I kind of suck. Although, I think it will help at least a little bit!

For the Fitness Lover:

  1. Foam Roller – this is a must for stretching and mobility.
  2. ROMWOD Subscription – another stretching and mobility gift, but it’s so important! My boyfriend has this and we do this together when we remember and he loves it. It takes you through different mobility routines and we do it right before bed, or morning is great, too.
  3. Nice Gym Bag – who wouldn’t want a nice gym bag? If you’re an avid lifter, you will need things like a foam roller, hip circle, lifting belt, maybe some micro plates, bands, and more. A big, sturdy bag will come in handy.
  4. Nike Shoes/Lululemon Clothes – who wouldn’t want new shoes or clothes? Yeah.
  5. Apple Airpods
    OK, these are a must. Best wireless headphones to date, and then easily connect to your iPhone. Everyone should own a pair of these, IMO.
  6. Blender Bottle Extra Large Shaker Bottle
     – This is helpful because of the size! Shaker bottles are important for supplements and they are also just easier to be mobile with.

For the Food Lover:

  1. A Cooking Class – this is fun for both you and your man. You can cook together and get to eat the food you made and drink along with it. I think it’s a great idea for a date night!
  2. Mr. Beer Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit
    -If your guy loves beer, this is a great and popular gift that I’ve seen go around. It’d be super fun to make your own beer and then taste the fruits of your labor!
  3. Edible Arrangements – Who doesn’t love edible arrangements, am I right? Fresh fruit and maybe some with chocolate… hmmm.
  4. Nice Knives – A good cook always needs nice knives. He will appreciate this!
  5. Nespresso
    with Milk Frother
    – Everyone loves coffee. A Nespresso machine with a top notch milk frother is a wonderful gift for a food and coffee lover.
  6. Vitamix
    – the BEST blender. ever.

For all Men:

  1. Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs – perfect for your man, but also a gift to yourself because who doesn’t love a man in boxer briefs. AMIRIGHT?!
  2. Apple Smart Watch
    – perfect if your man loves to wear watches but also loves his iPhone and tech products. A two-in-one type of gift! The Apple Watch is also so much more than a watch, so it may be something he really loves.
  3. A Trip Somewhere – the gift of travel can NEVER be beat or measured up to. Maybe take him on a trip to somewhere you both have wanted to go but just haven’t committed to going to yet!
  4. Grey Joggers – joggers are something that everyone needs, and great joggers are just the icing on the cake.
  5. Nice Clothes – if your man isn’t too much of a fashion guru, then nice clothes are always appreciated! Maybe some nice jeans, shirts, button downs, etc.
  6. Amazon Echo
    – we have Alexa and we love her! So helpful to be able to just call out to her and she can do so many things like play music, tell you the weather, set alarms, and so much more.
  7. Dad Hats – I feel like everyone loves dad hats, so they’re always a great gift choice.
  8. 3 in 1 Universal Iphone Camera Lens Kit
    – if he is a photographer or just someone who loves to take photographs, this is a GREAT gift idea. Three different lenses to take your iPhone photography skills to the next level.
  9. Docking Station – a cool gift idea where he can put on his nightstand to hold the things he uses most such as his phone, any jewelry he wears, a watch, his wallet, his keys, and more.
  10. Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    – if he loves to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more this is a great idea to give him!

What is something your man loves that isn’t on the list?

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