Holiday Gift Guide for Her

December 1, 2017

I love buying gifts for other people, but for some reason I also find it extremely challenging. Luckily if you feel that way too, I’M HERE TO SAVE YOU! Cue: a holiday gift guide for her. Shopping for gifts is always about the specific person you’re shopping for. Every person has different interests, different needs, different styles, and more. So, I came up with gift ideas for various types of women. Don’t worry, the men’s gift guide is coming soon because heck, we know that shopping for men is 100x harder to shop for.

For the Fitness Lover:

  • Lululemon – Literally anything from here. Gift card, clothes, etc. My favorites are the align pants and the fast and free tight.
  • Nike Womens Free RN Flyknit
    – I have these exact ones, and they are my FAVORITE. Perfect for all types of training, super comfortable.
  • Goat Case
    – this is awesome if she likes to record her lifts at the gym! You can stick to any surface and it’s convenient.
  • Apple Airpods
    – hands down the best wireless headphones I’ve ever owned. Extremely easy to connect to your iPhone, and it’s very convenient!
  • Cute Gym Bag – literally any cute gym bag! Usually it’s important to have to transport either extra clothes, a weight belt, a foam roller, an ankle strap, water bottle, and more.
  • Fitbit or Apple Watch – both of these are great options. Fitbit can track steps, sleep, and workouts. Apple can do that and more and it’s also connected to her phone.
  • Invisibobble Hair Ties
    – these are awesome. They are non-crease hair ties perfect for the gym going girl that still wants to keep her hair looking gorgeous!
  • Dad Hats – I LOVE hats at the gym. You look cute while also keeping your hair out of the way!

For The Foodie:

  1. Vitamix 5200 Blender
    – the BEST blender I’ve ever owned. It does everything – smoothies, soups, baby food, stews, ice cream, and more. It’s a must for every foodies kitchen.
  2. Air Fryer
    -this is a new gadget I’ve found, but it’s pretty darn cool. You can cook almost anything in here from wings, to salmon, to chips, fries, brownies, and more. The main selling point is you can make anything in it without using oil, so it’s healthier, lower in fat and calories, but still comes out tasting like the real deal!
  3. Cast Iron Skillet
    – this is a must for anyones kitchen honestly! Cast iron skillets changed the game for me. It cooks everything and it comes out perfectly. I cook chicken in it and it’s about better than grilled.
  4. Milk Frother – who doesn’t love frothy milk?? I sure do, especially in coffee. It makes you feel as if you are having a gourmet beverage at home, and in my opinion, a must.
  5. Crock-Pot
    – Another must have in every kitchen. The easiest way to make a meal – throw a ton of things into the crock pot and let it cook all day. When you get home, it’s ready to go!

For the Beauty Guru/Fashionista:

  1. BaBylissPRO Curling Iron
    – Every girl needs a good curling iron. To get those salon-style waves and curls for every day look or special occasions. Plus, it’s extremely affordable!
  2. Sephora or Ulta Gift Card – this is easy and self explanatory. There is so much that goes into makeup, a gift card is best in my opinion because then she can get what she wants or needs.
  3. Vanity – this is something that I wish I had and still need!! A well-lit vanity that looks good but is also perfect for applying makeup and getting ready. A station just for that makes all the difference in the world.
  4. Joni Jeans from Free People – the BEST jeans… ever. Not even exaggerating. They are high-waisted, stretchy, and fit your legs/bum AND waist perfectly.
  5. Jewelry (rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets) – accessories can really put together an outfit, so any type of jewelry is always wanted and needed.
  6. A Cute Bag – this would be to match her style and what she likes. It’s important to think about her necessities (every woman needs a bag to carry her phone, wallet, keys, feminine products, and more.
  7. Shoes or Clothes to Match her Style

For the Girl Boss:

  1. Panda Planner
    – my boyfriend actually got this for me earlier this year so I could start journaling and I love it! It helps with planning, to-do lists, gratitude, and more.
  2. Travel Mug – everyone needs one of these! Either one specifically for coffee, or a Tumblr that can do hot and cold drinks.
     Book – 
    if she hasn’t yet, this book is a must read for the female girl boss in your life.
  4. Marble MacBook Case
    – who wouldn’t love this? Super cute and stylish, and the perfect cover for her Mac.
  5. Laptop Bag – of course if she works on her computer, a cute and efficient laptop case is a must. Either to take to coffee shops so she can work, or for traveling.

For the Traveling Woman:

  1. Eyemask – a must for either snoozing on the plane, or just to get a better night’s sleep in a hotel/airbnb! Life changer. Throw in some earplugs while you’re at it.
  2. Apple watch
    – this is the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. The Apple Watch connects to her phone, but also has a ton of other features including health, steps, business, etc.
  3. Backpack – this is a must for carry on’s. I personally bought a cute cheap one at target and I love it. I hate purses and when you have a lot to carry, a backpack is the easiest and most comfortable way to transport things.
  4. Fujifilm Instant Film Camera (Black)
    – a super cute idea if your girl loves to take photos. It’s a small, portable camera that not only looks vintage, but also makes it easy to record memories.
  5. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
    – these are a game changer when traveling. The second you put on the headphones, you can’t hear anything. Perfect for tuning out all the sounds on a plane or in the airport.
  6. Portable Charger – so important for the traveler because sometimes you don’t always have access to a USB port or a wall charger!
  7. iPad – perfect for downloading and watching shows or movies while on a flight.

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