High Volume Leg Routine

August 10, 2015

I believe I shared on the blog that I haven’t been able to work legs very much due to a pinched nerve. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m back in action! I completed a leg workout with my bestie, Sarah, yesterday and felt amazing the entire time. I didn’t go 1 rep max status, but I felt good during all the workouts we did, even squats. I’m still taking time off from deadlifting since that’s probably what caused the pinched nerve to begin with.


Since I didn’t want to go for strength and lift too heavy, we did a higher-volume leg workout. Holy cow, can I just tell you I am DEAD today. You know when you wake up and you try to get out of bed, but then you realize that you really can barely walk or move your legs because of how sore you are? Me. This morning. Bitter sweet feeling 😉

Full Workout:

  • {3X5-8} Narrow stance squats
  • {4X10-12} Single leg smith machine glute raise
  • {4X12} Stiff leg deadlift
  • {3X12} Super: Leg on low platform split squat | Glute kick back on cable
  • {3X12} Super:”Hyper” extensions (squeeze the glutes and don’t actually hyperextend to hit the glutes and hams👌) | Leg curl
  • {3X12} Super: Feet on two benches sumo squat to wide stiff leg deadlift | Wide jump squats

To see the full workout in action, watch the video! 🙂


Favorite leg workout?

Do you like strength or volume workouts?


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