Health Comes First

April 21, 2015

Halfway through my bikini competition prep, and I’ve made no progress. Sure, my clothes fit a bit looser and I’m getting my strength back post-surgery, but no weight has been dropped, and if you compare my progress pictures (the best way to gauge progress) barely any progress has been made.

Sure, I think I look great. You should absolutely love your body at ANY stage. It’s imperative especially if you are prepping for a competition that you enjoy the process and are happy with your body at every stage. Do NOT prep for a competition hoping that getting a more shredded body will make you happier. If you start prep hating your body, you will not magically love it by show day – trust me.

However, in order to get on stage, especially a national stage like I was prepping for, you have to be very conditioned. My body has not been cooperating this entire prep, and it doesn’t look like it magically will start cooperating at this point, less than 8 weeks out.

After a LONG thought process and talking it over with my coach, I have decided to stop prepping and start reverse dieting. In order to get ready for the stage, I would have to take extreme measures. I am absolutely not willing to do so. I have always preached having a healthy competition prep, and always only wanted to show everyone that you can prep and reach your fitness goals in a healthy way. That is the ONLY way I will get on stage.

I want to be a healthy role model to people. I want to inspire others and show everyone that you do not have to take extreme measures in the fitness industry. Too many girls take extreme measures to get on stage including but not limited to eating barely any calories, doing hours of cardio, fasted cardio and two-a-days, wearing squeems, depleting sodium and water, and so much more. I REFUSE TO EVER DO THAT. Especially just to go on stage for 30 seconds, for what? To show people how ripped I can get? What freaking good will that be if I absolutely destroy my metabolism and hurt myself in the long run?

Not only that, but I will NOT be an unhealthy role model to people. As much as my goals are a top priority to me, being a healthy role model is so much more important. I will never be that girl who makes other girls think that you must take unhealthy measures to reach your goals. Never.

I have decided it is best for me to step back from the stage right now. I need to improve my metabolism in order for my next prep to be easier and it’s the best decision for me and my health. As much as it killed me to make this decision, it’s definitely the smartest. I probably didn’t reverse diet enough after last prep because of my surgery, and jumping back into prep immediately post-surgery probably wasn’t the best idea. My cycle also stopped the second I started prep and start cutting calories – a huge red flag that my body was not ready to start prepping again.

So, that’s where I’m at. Although I was very upset, there is ALWAYS a positive in every situation. I can focus on life now – blogging, youtube, school, getting an internship in spring, spending time with friends and family, making PRs in the gym, more macros and getting booty and delt gains 😉

HEALTH ALWAYS COMES FIRST. The stage will always be there, and there is always time to get back on it. Your body will be with you forever, it’s important to take care of it.


    1. I really admire you making a decision to listen to your body instead of pushing forward and hurting yourself in the process. I’m sure you’ll do even better the next time your run of you take the time to do things the right way right now. Good luck, you are a huge inspiration 😉

    1. I’m so psyched for you, Brittany. I know this decision mustve killed you, but I love that youre so positive and focused on getting yourself to a Better state to do ever greater things in the future.

      My goal is to meet you one day!

      1. Thanks so much, Linda. You are such an awesome person. We will one day! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for posting this, and for being honest with your followers. I see people doing “healthy” the wrong way and wish I could tell them how much they are hurting themselves, and I am so glad you are able to take a position to show people that healthy is different at different stages in life. I know in the future you will rock the stage once again, but I’m happy that you are finding your own silver lining. Everything we go through in life is a lesson, and we have to live knowing that. Happy week to you!

      1. William Grazione when I’m in prep 🙂

    1. You’re one of the only bikini competitors I follow on IG/blogging because you truly have a healthy relationship with your body in an industry that makes it hard to (my opinion at least!). I think it’s amazing to see you love your body during and outside of prep and do what’s best for your health, rather than pushing yourself past your limits to walk on the stage. Seriously amazing girl – I’m glad you’re one of the examples other girls can look to who are into bikini competitions/lifting since god knows there are a lot negative ones out there. Keep doing you! <3 Xo

      1. You just made my day. Thank you so much for being so supportive!! xoxo <3

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