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September 18, 2015




Do you ever get to the grocery store and use a basket but then overfill it anyway and break your arm off wishing you just got a cart instead? It happens to me every.time. When will I learn?

I tend to shop at Walmart for most of my groceries, but I do like to go to specialty stores like trader joes, fresh market, and whole foods once in a while for specialty items. I do like TJ’s produce though, much cheaper for organic here! Lets break it down:



Green beans, broccoli, spinach, lettuce (these are my basics), and raspberries. I’m obsessed with raspberries lately! I usually get brussels, too, but they didn’t have any.



Hummus, feta cheese, and my two favorites: reduced guilt guacamole and tahini sauce. Sooo yummy.



Mahi  mahi brugers. These are the best! Very good macros as well.

Salad Dressings


My two favorite dressings. The cilantro is good on anything really, and the pear is awesome for fruity-type salads.

Fresh Market


Initially I went to Fresh Market to try and find peanut butter & co’s new pumpkin peanut butter but they didn’t have it.. sad day 🙁 So I picked up Wild Friend’s vanilla espresso almond butter instead (which is one of my favorites). I now have like, 10 jars of nut butter….. it’s a problem. I also picked up Stubb’s bbq sauce which is amazing! Someone recommended it to me, and I’m so glad they did. It’s great just to put on plain chicken to spruce it up a bit.


Are you a nut butter hoarder like me?

What is your favorite condiment? 

    1. I always get a basket and it ends up leaving huge indents in my arm. Then when a worker asks if I would like to use a cart, I insist that I’m fine when really I’m doing a mild sprint to the checkout. Glad I’m not the only one haha

    1. YES to the hoarding of nut butters! I was just telling my co-worker the other day how I’m addicted and have 7 jars. I went to Whole Foods this week too to look for the pumpkin peanut butter. Can’t wait for it to be released!

    1. always love reading your blog Britt! I tend to hoard the posts for a while but have fun keeping up with you on snapchat!

      How much nut butter is toooo much! It’s all I think about, my family is starting to get worried 😉
      But seriously my fat macros are at 48 right now so like 2tbsp of Buff Bake just killlls me.

      xx Liz
      Insta: elii.stephens
      Snappity Chatt: misslizstephens

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