Grayson’s Birth Story

March 8, 2018

On Februrary 28, 2018 at 3:54 am, our life changed forever.

Grayson James Ogus was born weighing 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and 21.5 inches long.

My estimated due date was February 26 and that day we had our 40 week prenatal appointment. The week before, we did a cervix check and I was completely closed. I felt as if I wasn’t having any symptoms of labor, so I was a little discouraged and worried I’d still be close at 40 weeks. I was hoping to get a membrane sweep, so I made sure to do EVERYTHING needed to get things going – eating dates, pineapple, tons of walking, sex, raspberry leaf tea, and more. I went into the appointment with a really good feeling for some reason, and for weeks I felt as if he would be born on February 28, oddly enough.

We got to the appointment, did the cervix check, and I was 1 cm!!!! Yes, that’s tiny, but it was something so I was ecstatic. My doctor did the membrane sweep and told me to walk a ton and for us to have sex. We did that morning, but we also did later that afternoon around 4pm. At 4:30, we were on our way to a movie and I started having contractions. They weren’t super intense, but I knew they were contractions because it was a lot different than anything I ever felt. We went to the movie and they were super inconsistent so I wasn’t timing or anything. Sometime around 10 pm right when I crawled into bed, I started having them stronger and more consistent. I started timing them and they would be anywhere from 20 minutes apart to 8 minutes apart, but again, nothing consistent. I probably got about one hour of sleep before I couldn’t anymore. They would wake me up every time, so I just got up and was on the computer trying to pass the time. I texted my mom just in case (she had to fly in from Colorado) but told her nothing was consistent so don’t worry. Around 2 am, I tried to sleep again and slept peacefully until about 7:30 am. I woke up to 17 missed calls from mom LOL and told her they stopped at 2 am and I’d keep her updated.

I slept in and out from 7:30-9 and then just got up. At around 10 am while I was making some coffee, I went to the bathroom and had the “bloody show”! I was STOKED. I thought I had it the day before, but that was just some spotting from the sweep. This was definitely the bloody show because it was more blood and a TON of mucous which was obviously my mucous plug. I got so excited I showed Matthew because I heard sometimes people go into labor shortly after the bloody show, usually 24 hours. Right after that, I was having consistent contractions ALL DAY. Again, nothing unbearable, but definitely things were happening. They were getting more intense as the hours went on, and coming in more regular intervals. They were still a little all over the place, but they were all less than 12 minutes apart. I made a smoothie and some peanut butter toast and then we went on with our day. I started bouncing on the ball while working, and we decided to take a super long walk with the dogs.

We wanted to head over to Labor and Delivery to get my cervix checked so we would know if anything was happening and if my mom should book a flight. We decided to go for the walk, shower, finish getting bags ready, and eat some dinner and then we were going to head on over. On the walk, the contractions were making me stop and they were anywhere from 3-8 minutes apart. After about an hour, I told Matthew I felt like we needed to get a move on so we could eat before heading over to the hospital. He started cooking dinner around 4 pm while I showered and finished packing bags.

After I showered, I was walking down the stairs with the exercise ball and almost FELL DOWN. I caught myself, but I definitely had a pretty decent bump to my body and it felt like I broke my toe. I was cracking up and I also joked saying “what if that makes my water break”.

We started eating dinner around 5:15 and after literally one bite of food, just 15 minutes later,  I had a super intense contraction and felt a POP and a HUGE GUSH OF WATER. I ran to the bathroom and I was like holy shit. HOLY SHIT. MY WATER LITERALLY JUST BROKE. I couldn’t believe that happened, especially because I pulled that prank on Matthew a week or two ago! He was so calm and I was FREAKING OUT. Partly because I couldn’t believe it actually happened, and partly because it wouldn’t stop gushing! It was such a weird feeling. We called L&D, and they told us to come in as soon as possible.

Right after that, the contractions were on another level. They were so close together, at least 3 minutes apart, and more intense than I ever imagined. I also felt it in my back terribly and I just knew I was going to be having back labor. Darn it. I changed my clothes quickly, Matthew started getting everything packed in the car, and I had to get a towel because the water kept flowing. Finally we were in the car and I was almost crying at this point. I couldn’t believe how intense the contractions were. I couldn’t breathe or talk through them and I felt like I was getting no break.

We got to triage and they bypassed that and started setting up a room for me. We got in the room, I changed, and the nurse checked vitals and started setting everything up. The doctor came in and talked to me as well and they were asking me about my birth plan, if I wanted an epidural or wanted to try natural. I told her my initial plan was natural, but it all depends on how dilated I was. I was practically screaming through the contractions though and was getting probably 1 minute between each one and definitely felt most of it in my back. I could not believe how intense, how strong, and how close together they were. Even the doctors and nurses were like wow you’re contracting a lot and they’re very strong.

The doctor didn’t want to check me right away in case of infection, so I said I could wait a little bit and then decide on epidural. The water was still flowing at this point, so I felt awkward walking around which is why I didn’t want the epidural in the first place. My water breaking made everything more intense and also kind of put a wrench into my initial plans. The ONLY position comfortable for me was bent over resting on my hands and either standing or on my knees. Everything else was awful.

I was almost crying at this point because the back labor was so bad and I was literally getting zero rest between contractions. I knew I couldn’t keep it up, and I felt like I would never be able to relax (or Matthew) if I didn’t get the epidural. The doctor came in to check me (this was about an hour after we were admitted) and I was only ONE.FREAKING.CENTIMETER. There was no way that if the pain was this bad at 1cm that I could survive. I definitely needed the epidural and it felt like the anesthesiologist was taking forever to get there. Pretty sure I asked the nurse like 10 times if he was coming.

Me happy AF after the epidural, lol!

Finally the anesthesiologist came and my contractions were so close together he had to rush to put it in. Finally it was in and oh my goodness, PRAISE THE LORD for epidurals! I immediately felt soooo much better once it kicked in. I was finally able to relax and I felt nothing. Best decision I ever made. Matthew’s mom and brother stopped by to bring him food so we chatted and hung out with them for a bit. After they left, we tried to get some sleep. I couldn’t sleep because I was starving, my stomach was literally growling but I wasn’t allowed to have anything except water and jello.

At around 1 am, the nurse came in to check me again. I was around 4 cm and 100% effaced. Progress!!! I was stoked. She said my cervix was so thin that she wouldn’t be surprised if I went from 0-100 quickly, so they would keep an eye on me. I kept feeling pain in different areas, so I kept hitting the epidural button for relief and switching positions. At around 2:30 am, she checked me again when I was complaining about pain and I was 5 cm. A little while later, the pain was getting worse, not better. My legs were so numb, but I felt pain in my stomach, back, and sides. I woke Matthew up because I was practically crying and needed support. He was helping me with breathing and holding my hand which helped. The nurse called in the anesthesiologist to see if I could get stronger medication. She gave me more medicine that she said was “ten times stronger” than the epidural and told me to wait about 15 min to see if it helped. It didn’t… at all. They thought that was odd so she was said “let me check you – maybe you’re farther along and you’re ready to have this baby”. She checked me again and said she thinks I was 8 cm!!!! This was less than 30 min later. She noticed some of my membrane was still in tact, so she called the doctor in to break it. Apparently, my water broke from the top and the membrane was intact at the bottom.

The doctor came in at 3 am and said… oh no honey, you’re at 10 cm. Let’s have a baby! I was like WHAT?!?! Matthew and I were stoked but also shocked. I went from 5cm to 10cm in a half hour. I told him to call my mom IMMEDIATELY – she was at our house sleeping but didn’t want to miss the birth. She ordered a lyft right awake and they said we could wait to push if I felt ok. I didn’t have that super strong feeling like I NEEDED to push, so I was totally cool with waiting 15 min or so. I was so excited but so emotional at the same time, I couldn’t believe we were finally going to meet our son.

Finally my mom got there and it was go time! We started pushing and it was crazy because I got a mirror so I could see everything. Damn, pushing is HARD, let me tell you that. It was also awkward because I couldn’t feel my legs at all so I kept asking am I pushing enough? They said I was doing perfect, so that’s good.

About 20-25 minutes of pushing, Grayson was born. I heard that cry and they immediately put him on my chest and I just started bawling. I didn’t even look at Matthew because I was so overwhelmed, but he said he cried, too. My heart. I couldn’t stop crying – I just couldn’t believe I had finally become a mama and Matthew and I finally had our son in our arms after nine months.

It was the most incredible feeling and experience of my life.

After some breastfeeding and skin to skin, they took him over with dad’s supervision to weigh him and do all of that newborn stuff. While delivering my placenta, I was having some complications. Basically, parts of my placenta was getting stuck in my uterus and they had to scrape it out and push down on my stomach. They were having a hard time getting it all out, so they had to continue doing ultrasounds, scraping, and ended up doing a D&C. Luckily I had the epidural, that’s all I know. They ended up giving me a ton of more medication as well and I felt so drugged which was a weird feeling especially holding my baby, but it was all okay. They also had to put a balloon in my uterus because it wasn’t able to go shrink on its own.

Once that was over, they transferred us to the recovery room. Grayson slept so soundly next to me in the bassinet and I couldn’t believe my babe was here next to me.

Matthew was seriously my life line during labor and has been so attentive and good to me and Gray. I am so blessed to have such an incredible man as my baby’s father.

The whole experience was honestly surreal. That’s the one word I want to keep using because that’s the best way I can explain it. I can’t believe I literally pushed a human out of my body!!! MY HUMAN!!!

I’m finally a mommy. Something I’ve always dreamed of, and I couldn’t be happier.

My perfect little family. My heart is so full.

    1. I’m so in love with this. We’re getting to the point where a baby is on our radar and I’ve become obsessed with reading stories like these. I can’t believe how freaking amazing our bodies are and what they do. YOU MADE A HUMAN! Congratulations to you and Matt and I hope you guys are soaking up these first few weeks!

      1. it’s so incredible!!!!

    1. This was an amazing birth story! have you listened to the podcast The birth hour? I think it would be so cool to listen to you explain your birth story on there as well, even though I know you have your own podcast.

      1. I haven’t I’ll check it out!! thank you 😀

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