Grayson James: 7 Month Update - Brittany Lesser

Grayson James: 7 Month Update

September 28, 2018

I’m pretty sure I’ll say this every month and year until the day I die, but HOW is my little baby already 7 months? Insane. He seems so much older, alert, aware, and intelligent. His personality is shining, he’s super social, and he’s absolutely hilarious and makes me laugh all the time. He’s loving, cuddly, but also independent and knows what he wants. It’s amazing how much babies change each month.

Lets recap on this past month!

-Leap 5 happened. This was probably the “worst” one for us, although I don’t like to use that word. I’d say the most needy he has been and the most verbal, cranky, etc. But we got through it!

-We started solids and it’s so much fun. He loves to feed himself and prefers to do so, which is why I don’t think he enjoyed purees. He loves fruit, yogurt, baby mum mum’s, pancakes, banana bread, etc. He’s even starting to like peas more, woo!

-He’s suuuuuper picky where he naps now. His wake times are also longer which is nice!

-He wants to be held often and often needs attention.

-He grabs EVERYTHING. Even my face and he will reach for daddy when he’s in my arms and it melts my heart. He will also put his arms around your neck and “hug” you. I die every time.


-HE CAN FRIGGIN CRAWL. It’s definitely an army crawl, but he’s so mobile. All eyes need to be on him.

-He screams. All the time. Literally screams. It’s actually hilarious.

-He’s obsessed with the dogs. He thinks the way they breathe is hilarious. Yawning is also the funniest thing in the world.

-When we pretend to “eat” the side of his ribs, he laughs so hard he’s in another dimension. It’s my favorite.

-He adores daddy.

-Sleeps in just footie PJ’s now like a big boy! No more sleep suit.

-He loves smacking things… the tile, the shopping cart, etc.

-He loves our nightly book readings and he loves to turn the pages.

-He can sit up on his own!!!!! It’s so fun!

-He even sits in the shopping cart at the grocery store and at target. It’s a new world.

Safe to say, I love this boy more than I can even describe.

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    1. Grayson is just absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures and his update, too!

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