Girl Talk: Not Getting Your Period + Happy New Year!

January 2, 2015

Hi friends, happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing and safe night and didn’t get too hungover. 😉

I went to an early movie and saw exodus, went out to dinner for cuban food, had two glasses of sangria, and then was on TV! Ha!


Chicken, steak, rice, yucca (so good), and stole one of my moms plantains. mmm.




I’m with a Talent Agency and I got paid to be an extra and meet pitbull and Rocsi Diaz! So cool and fun.

Aside from New Years, I wanted to talk about an important topic and a highly requested video topic – menstrual periods.

I’ve had irregular/non-existent periods before, and I’ve always been asked about my experience with it, how I got it back, etc. I decided to record a YouTube video with me explaining everything. I’m thinking maybe Friday’s would be a good day for FAQ videos? What do you all think? Or maybe even just highly requested informational topics or Q & A’s. If any of you have something you’d like me to cover, let me know below!

I hope the video helps, and feel free to leave any comments or questions on here or on my YouTube Channel 🙂


What did you do for New Years?

Have you struggled with irregular/non-existent periods before?

    1. Thank you for sharing this! You are right about this being an issue often overlooked and not addressed enough. I agree that every person is different and has different needs in order to maintain healthy bodily functions. I love your videos…keep sharing! 🙂

    1. I follow you on youtube and I’m so fascinated by your life and what you do. Would totally love to chit chat with you and get to know you more…hope that doesn’t sound creepy in any way!

      1. Not at all girl! I’ll be answering your email shortly 🙂

    1. Hey! Went through something similar.
      The reason doctors don’t tell people to gain weight (And I wish they would!!) is there isn’t much evidence in studies that gaining weight is directly correlated to getting periods back. So frustrating — it works for SO many people, especially girls with a history of underrating and at very low weights.

      It’s super important to get to the weight that YOUR body wants to be at, not just a “healthy bmi”
      Also — be careful with mentioning numbers when you will perhaps have some sensitive readers!!

      Glad you’re talking about this important topic xoxoxo

      1. It wasn’t even a matter of gaining for me, since I only gained a couple of pounds.. but it was more of the less cardio/more food! And so, so true. BMI’s aren’t the most accurate! Didn’t even think about the numbers thing, thanks girl 🙂

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