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Friday Favorites

October 31, 2014

How is it Halloween already? Holy moly. Well, happy Halloween! I never do anything special for this holiday, so it’s just another day for me.

Anyway, I figured I’d bring some Friday Favorites back.


I came home to three packages yesterday. I swear it felt like Christmas morning! haha

A peak into what was int the boxes…


You all know how much I love my coffee.. It’s more than love, it’s an addiction. Well this company, Sweet Aroma Coffee, sends you coffee monthly and part of the money goes to Human Trafficking. How awesome is that? Love the entire idea behind the company – amazing.




My other addiction? NUT BUTTER. I have like 30 jars (don’t judge). But these from the 3 nuts.. oh myyyy goodness. I basically died and went to heaven when I tasted these babies. Yes, I tasted them the second I opened them haha. These are already in my top favorites list.


If we’re on the topic of food, basic white girl Joe Joe’s. Mmmm. I thought they were pumpkin flavored, but they’re just halloween boxed.. oh well still delicious. Basically oreos but trader joe’s made them.


CHUCKS. I’m obsessed with them. I usually only wear flip flops, so these are a nice change up. Plus I can lift in them, especially on leg day.


The fact that everyone stares at me when I go out.. I don’t have a disease people, I promise.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween weekend!


What is in your friday favorites? 

Shoes or flip flops?

Favorite nut butter?

    1. Seriously getting packages is the best thing! Being a blogger, the package people at my dorm know me by name…I have to come down to get something basically every day!
      (Favorite nut butter….right now I am obsessed with my jar of Soom Foods Tahini actually, haha!

    1. I saw Meg talk about that nut butter yesterday too. What makes it so good?
      And VitaCost packages are magical. I need one in my life, but sadly $$$ is also needed.

      1. The cookie dough tastes like LEGIT cookie dough and has real chocolate chips!!! so good. Idk it’s not like other nut butters I’ve tried it tastes like dessert!

    1. Must. Find. Those. Nut Butters.
      Holy YUM.

      Yay for chucks! I have like 6 pairs (no judgement) and wear them almost every single day. They’re amazing! And I alwaysalwaysalways wear a pair for leg day– usually the bright orange ones. 🙂

      Have an fun and safe Halloween!

      1. So freakin good, order them online!!!! The cookie dough has legit chocolate chips. I had like 40 yesterday LOL. You too love! <3

    1. I’ve never wore chucks, had a jo jo, an oreo ..or wait for it.. tried coffee . But I bloody love nut butter! How you supposed to pick a fave nut butter tho…

      The latest picture of you on your insta , with the shorts. You’re going to do modelling , right?? That picture’s going to be in a magazine , right ? You need to be in magazines.

      1. oh my goodness, you need to come over and eat oreos and drink coffee with me!!! Aww you are too sweet! I wish 😀

      1. I usually use my vibrams since it’s similar to barefoot, but I’ve been loving chucks as well! Have a wonderful weekend girl!

    1. Oh man, right now my Friday favourites are very limited. Considering I totally am missing out on going out with my friends. I have to stay in with a freaking broken ankle and literally can’t do anything haha. So not fun.
      I don’t think I can choose a favourite nut butter! Right now, I am loving the walnut butter though. SO good.

      1. Aww I’m sorry chica!!! Wish I could make you feel better! I haven’t had walnut butter in forever mmmm 😀

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