Friday Favorites: Black Friday Edition

November 24, 2017

Black Friday is never something I’ve really participated in. I hate shopping and I hate the mall, so shopping at the mall on the busiest day of the year is a thing I see in nightmares. However, there is ONLINE shopping that I do enjoy and am more likely to participate in. #introvertproblems

There are a few companies I’m associated with that are having some incredible Black Friday deals, so I figured I’d share them with you all. Yes, I do get some commission for these companies, so if you want to support me then I love you. I love you regardless, but ya know.

Here are some things I stand by for this Black Friday:

  1. MY FITNESS PROGRAMS! All of my fitness programs are 30% off until the 26th of November. Using the code “BLACK30” you can buy my programs here.

TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR both phase 1 and phase 2:

Sample workout from phase 1 of B-Fit Blueprint.


2. PESCIENCE Supplements. I tell you all always that supplements aren’t necessary, but they are a luxury! If you want to buy some, my sponsor is having a 50% off s  ale using my code “LESSER” at Here are some of my favorite products and flavors:



PRE WORKOUTS (both flavors come in both products they’re both awesome):



3. GYMSHARK sale is still going on and there are still some products left. Here are my favorites and you can buy HERE!

Hoodies! I like size medium for hoodies.

These leggings:

ASPIRE leggings are my new favorites.

Seamless long sleeves:

Seamless sports bras:

Seamless tops:

Limited edition Black Friday crop top:

4. Angel Competition Bikinis:

If you’re looking for a gorgeous suit for this upcoming competition season, Angel is having 25% off and a free gift with purchase! I’ve used their bikinis for both my shows and they’re the best.

That’s it! Happy sales and happy holidays!

Do you go Black Friday shopping?

Do you prefer online shopping to in-store?


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