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November 14, 2014

Friday is here!!! I’m excited, but I just realized I have this weekend. I’m going to Chicago in LESS THAN A WEEK. AHHH. I cannot wait, but I also have to get all of my school work done beforehand, pack, and so much more. How about a fun facts Friday post? A bunch of randomness, lets do it.

1. So yeah.. Chicago. I’m going to die of frost bite I think.


For a native Florida girl… yeah. I will need lots and lots of layers. I hope it snows, since we don’t get anything remotely closet to snow around here. I’m also meeting up with some bloggers/instagrammers.. if you want to join, let me know!!! The more the merrier 🙂



I love cities, especially New York, and I’ve heard Chicago is similar but more of a small-town feel. This city is also one of my top four places I am considering moving to after I graduate from college. The fact that my best friend lives there makes it even more appealing. Did I mention I’m excited?

2. Ok, enough about Chicago. I had oatmeal for the first time in literally like 5 months or something.



I used to eat it every morning for about 3+ years. Not even joking, so I got burnt out and have been eating eggs practically every morning haha. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit, but I brought it back yesterday after a loooong hiatus. It was good, but not as good as I remembered unfortunately. Oh well!

3. I got my hair done last week, and it it wayyyy too red. I think the idea I had in my head was a lot different than how it actually turned out, so I’m getting it fixed tomorrow thank goodness. BUT I did have real clothes and make-up on this week. WHO AM I. It was actually kind of fun.



I had a few job interviews since I’m losing my part-time job. I was a nanny, and my boss lost her job so they won’t be needing me anymore. It’s sad since the baby and I have gotten close! However, I think it’s happening for a reason and it’s time for me to find something else. Luckily I’ve had two job offers so far! God is good.



4. Since I’m all hyped up on fall and cool weather, I can’t wait to live somewhere where I can wear cute fall fashion outfits!


Obsessed with this. I’ve also been obsessed with beauty/fashion bloggers and vloggers lately. I want allll their clothes.

5. Want to know what else I’m obsessed with? (how many times can I type obsessed in two sentences…)

She’s my favorite. Genius.


Who lives in Chicago? What should I do, see, eat, etc!

What is your favorite thing this week?

    1. I need to get my hair done so freaking badly. It is a major issue. Don’t worry, no one will see your pretty hair/my catastrophe because it will be under a hat! A cut hat in your case, though, I am sure! Yah, get ready to be cold, but layer up, and Sbux it up, and you’ll be good!

      1. Hahah true that! Thank goodness for beanies 😉 Coffee all day! haha

    1. Eee have an awesome time in Chicago! I’ve never been, but it’s definitely on my bucket list of cities I wanna visit. And the same thing happened to me with oatmeal… I used to eat it daily but lately I haven’t been feeling it at all…

    1. Chicago is the best. I find NYC a little overwhelming, but Chicago is still this FANTASTIC big city with the nicest people ever and it’s just awesome. (I’m going to school here right now 🙂 ) The Bean sounds overrated, but it is actually really cool, so definitely go and take pictures with/in it! Michigan Avenue shopping is amazing. Personally, I think Navy Pier is a waste of time, because it’s like a glorified fair or something, but it is a pretty popular tourist attraction. Oh, and Lakeshore Drive has gorgeous views (but is probably extra chilly since it’s right on Lake Michigan)! Deep dish is an experience everyone should probably have. And, um, “trashy” though hot dogs might be, I adore Chicago-style hot dogs. Have the best time! (And definitely bundle up!)

      1. Ahhh so awesome!! Are you in the city? Thanks for all the suggestions!!

      1. It’s not horrid! Florida heat is haha 😀 Thanks girl

    1. I can imagine that going to Chicago would be a bit of a shock for your Floridian self.
      So cold there!!!
      I kind of like your hair in that photo, it looks like you have some pink in it, and it actually looks good on you haha. I’m kind of hair colored obsessed. I color mine soooo much, which is horrible.
      That happened to me when I was a Nanny too! I was SO sad since I got super close with this kids, I still miss them actually.

      1. Oh yes, but I’m excited!!! Thanks girl.. it’s just toooo pink and doesn’t really go with the blonde! I change my hair color more than I change my underwear I swear hahah it’s so fun though!

    1. OMFG my mom sent me a picture of the temperature in WYOMING and it said ==== -16 degrees, feels like -33 degrees!!! OMFG I AM NOT GOING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! UGH!

    1. Chicago!? I love chicago 🙂 I am from Indianapolis (about 3 hours away!) and love the Windy city…especially during the holidays!! So fun 🙂 Good luck with the job interviews….and I LOVE taylor swift too!

    1. I thinnkkk I may have to buy TayTay’s new CD. I love this song!! Being a nanny would be so much fun, bummer you’re going to have to move onto something else, but I am sure you will love whatever your next adventure is!!

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