Friday Favorites

November 7, 2014

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We made it to Friday! I love doing Friday favorites, because there’s always new things I find that I love each week. One of my favorite blogs, Britt’s Blurbs, does her Friday Five each week which I love, so I figured I’d do something similar and share my favorites! Also, make sure you link up with Clare if you want to join in 😀

This week it will be mostly things I’ve been pinning, because I go from not pinning once in a month, to going on a spree and spending 4 hours on pinterest and wondering what my life has come to.

1. Food




Waffle s’mores? I’ll take 30, please.

2. Fitness


Sumo deadlifts. They really activate the glutes and hamstrings rather than quads/back like in traditional deadlifts. Plus, I feel like I can go heavier with them and I like feeling strong!

3. Fashion


Comfy and cute. Love this look.

4. Faith


Self explanatory.

5. Funny


Can’t. Unsee.


What are your favorites this week?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

    1. OMG. Hahahaha I just died over that sloth head. Am I the only one who thinks that’s hilarious.
      I’m overly jealous of people that can exercise right now since I have a stupid cast on and am on crutches. Really life? Haha, have a great weekend love<3

    1. Yuss deadlifts of ALL varieties are my favourite (..squats not so much).

      And that outfit is so cute. You should be the model for it though.

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