Five Things Friday

October 24, 2014

WE MADE IT!!! This week for me seemed to go by at a snails pace. Probably because I was looking forward to Saturday. My competition is tomorrow – holy.crap. Commence freak out mode.

I’m nervous of course because this is DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone. I mean, I don’t normally prance around on a stage in front of a ton of people in a tiny bikini and stripper heels with 10 coats of spray tan and a face full of make up…. BUT I’m oddly at peace and also not too nervous. I’m excited because I finally made it!!! I set a goal that I’ve been wanting to do FOREVER, and I’ve finally done it. Now is the fun part!

Anywho… I figured I’d jump in on the five things friday posts!



I got some photos back from my photoshoot and I LOVE this one of my mama and I! The photographer took it last minute, and I just love it. My mom is seriously my best friend, she supports me with everything that I do, and I really couldn’t live without her.



This is my face when I realize I will be strutting on stage in front of a bunch of people in a tiny bikini, stripper heels, pounds of makeup, and a different skin color. LOL. Holy moly, can’t believe it’s here. Definitely check out my instagram and youtube for behind-the-scenes of the rest of my prep and show day!






Kinda sorta want to do this to my hair… I just recently went a lot blonder, but I love this light brown with highlights. Thoughts?



Posted this on instagram, but I love it too much. This is how I start every morning, and doing so, my life has definitely changed for the better.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday/weekend!


Snickers or twix? I still can’t decide LOL

Do you change your hair color a lot?

    1. Twix. But frozen snickers. O, if I had my druthers, the left (or right) twix and then a twix-sized snickers. Love that picture of you and your mom–my mom is my best friend too (next to my husband) and I haven’t had nearly enough of her in my life of late. Not cool.
      Good luck this weekend! I know your feeling of being at peace–it’s how I have been before my marathons. Until the freak out right before. It means that you are ready. Or in denial. Either one works. Keep your eye on the candy.

    1. Good luck tomorrow!! I think that hair color looks really pretty and natural. I don’t do anything to my hair but need to, it’s been the same for so long! I use to highlight it and change up the style. I once dyed a streak of it purple!

    1. good luck i will be glued to insta this weekend awaiting your photos! you’ll look stunning in a dorito sort of way 😉
      i don’t change my hair color at all. i get the same highlights every time. i know you do though and i think the brown with highlights would be perfect for fall!

    1. I hope you enjoyed the shit out of that candy after placing 1st. Way to kill it, and I love that photo of you and your mama!

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