Don’t Compare Yourself.. To Yourself

July 25, 2016

“Don’t compare yourself to others.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase over and over, and for good reason. Comparing yourself to other people is a waste of time, energy, and emotion that probably isn’t positive. I know that the time I’ve spend comparing myself to other people tend to be negative and simply put me down. It happens sometimes still, but I’m much more aware of it and catch myself once I start to fall into this comparison trap.

You may be nodding your head in agreement, and maybe you’re thinking that you are guilty of doing the same thing. However, what about comparing yourself to yourself? You know, maybe you competed in a fitness competition and now you are 1, 2, 5+ months or weeks post competition and you notice that your body doesn’t look the same as it did that day. Or maybe you’re simply growing up and your body has changed in some way and you’re comparing yourself to how you looked 5 years ago. Anything along those lines of comparing your CURRENT body to your PAST body.

Guess what? All of these things are normal. It’s normal, and healthy, to not look like you were on show day. It’s normal, and healthy, to not look like you did in high school (especially if you are a woman, hello, such is life). It’s normal for your body to change and evolve, especially as women our bodies change throughout our life. Hormones and preparing to carry babies are a natural part of life, and our bodies are the beautiful machines that allow us to do these incredible things.

Maybe you’re carrying a bit more body fat than you have been in the past, maybe you’re more muscular, or maybe you’re less muscular. Maybe you’re just different and you’ve changed in one way or another. But honestly – who cares? Are you simply noticing this and just deciding to pick yourself apart?

Think about this: Are you healthy? Are you happy? Are you living a fulfilling life? Are you happy with your career and relationships? Do the people who love you care what your body looks like (the answer should always be NO)?

It’s so important to be happy in the body you have now. Not what it was in the past, and not what it will be in the future. It’s okay to want to continue to improve or work on your body while loving it at the same time. Our bodies keep us alive, and they do so much for us. Sure, body image is something that people struggle with, and if you have had issues with it in the past, it’s always a work in progress. Just remember that health and happiness is key. Comparing yourself, even to yourself and especially to others, does absolutely nothing for you. Be here now, and love yourself now.


After all, they say “comparison is the thief of joy.”

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    1. They say that you should always be better than who you were yesterday, but we can only push ourselves so far. But we’re always changing, and our visions of what is “better” is also constantly changing. Who knows? We might learn to embrace our curves because they look healthier than being super shredded and depleted of body fat and water.

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