Do You Need Supplements to Reach Your Fitness Goals?

May 6, 2015

So you’re scrolling through instagram and you see photo after photo of all these people promoting different supplements. Maybe they’re ripped and shredded and they swear by this specific supplement they are showing off.

“You NEED this in order to achieve ______, build muscle, burn fat, etc. use my code LEANASFUH for 25% off!”

Newsflash, you don’t need any supplements to reach your goals.

This is coming from someone who is sponsored by a supplement company. No, you absolutely do not need to buy any, and you certainly can reach your goals without them. Creatine isn’t some magical drug that will build muscle or lose fat. Fat burners will not make you lose a ton of weight. Protein powder isn’t necessary in one’s diet. BCAA’s aren’t 100% essential if you are involved in a healthy lifestyle. So on, and so forth.

Do I think supplements can help? ABSOLUTELY. I personally love them and take them myself and have a recommended list, but they do exactly what they are called – they supplement one’s diet and weight training.

You can’t expect supplements to do all the work for you – they won’t. It’s all comes down to eating and training based on your goals. If you want to throw some supplements into the mix, it can help of course, but it isn’t magic.

Here are the main supplements I personally take and why I take them:

  • Pre-workout: I honestly don’t take pre workout very often since I workout after breakfast and my morning cups of coffee. Coffee and food is usually enough for me, but if I workout in the afternoon and I’m dragging, then pre-workout definitely helps give me a boost. My pre-workout is also a natural coffee pre-workout, so it’s similar to a regular cup of coffee but with the added beta alanine for the pump.
  • BCAA’sI’m personally a huge fan of bcaa’s because they definitely help with muscle recovery. I like to drink them intra-workout usually just because it tastes good and I like sipping on something yummy during my workout.
  • Creatine: I always take creatine, and never “cycle off” like some people think you may have to do. A lot of people (women in general) are turned off by creatine because they think it makes you hold water. It increases energy (ATP) to the cells in your body (primarily in your muscles) , which is what you want. It shouldn’t make you bloat or gain weight, and it naturally occurs in the body.
  • Glutamine: This is a natural occurring amino acid in the body and is another supplement that can help with muscle recovery. It is a component in muscle metabolism and cellular support.
  • Whey Protein: I personally LOVE whey protein, and it’s definitely my favorite supplement. Sure, getting protein from whole food sources is always best, but protein powder is very convenient. If you are on the go, it’s easy to carry with you. If you want to make a healthy smoothie or “ice cream” it’s a perfect ingredient for that. And my favorite way to use it is with baking and cooking – either protein bars, muffins, brownie’s, cookies, pancakes, waffles, etc.

That’s basically it! I also personally take biotin for hair growth, probiotic for digestive health, and multi-vitamin sometimes just for added health benefits (non fitness related).

Again, these are just recommendations if you are looking for certain things to supplement your diet and training. I do not believe that you need to spend $500 on supplements the second you decide that you want to make a change in your life. Start with the main things that are the most important – nutrition and training. Simple as that!

Don’t buy into all of the things you see on the internet. No fat burner, no protein, no pre workout, no supplement will do what diet and training does.



Do you take supplements?

What are the main ones you take?


    1. I love that you are sponsored and have this view.. always real girl. This is interesting to me because I know absolutely nothing about supplements since I haven’t even been into lifting or anything. I basically have a protein powder that I use sometimes (not in relation to when I work out) because it tastes good haha it’s actually the peanut butter slap 🙂 so yummy

      1. That’s my favorite flavor!!

    1. I take probiotics and digestive enzymesssss!! MUST! MUST! MUST! Or else my stomach will combust, LOL! I eat so much protein that I don’t need to supplement with any protein powders. I only use protein powders if I want to make a sweet baked concoction… But I find them to be a tad bit addicting and if I eat too much, then they hurt my stomach! Ha!

    1. Thank you for the review, I am fully agree about BCAA, works great, you start feeling the difference since first use. We also highly recommend it on our fitness blog.
      Few words about Glutamine, I did first try of it last October, worked good, but I strictly recommend using it only with big doses of protein, since it helps with protein metabolism and recovers muscles faster before next workout.

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