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Diet Break – Fat Loss Reset

April 16, 2015

This week, I took a “diet break”. There are many reasons why diet breaks may be a good idea, even if you are in an active fat loss phase. For me, I was cutting macros, increasing cardio, and still not losing any weight. Yes, the weight on the scale is NOT the only way to measure progress. However, after 4-5 weeks of no progress and just hitting a plateau even with my measurements, a diet break was necessary to basically “reset” my fat loss.

Since I normally carb cycle, this week my calories are being kept steady with no carb cycling, while doing no cardio but still going to the gym to lift heavy. I can tell you I already feel leaner and I look leaner as well. I have not weighed myself yet and will do so on Saturday, but my clothes are fitting looser, and I just feel leaner that I did last week.

Essentially, diet breaks are a good idea if you have hit a plateau. It’s just another way to shock the body and give it a rest before you jump back into your fat loss macros and cardio regimen. It will increase the glycogen in your body and basically act as a metabolism “reset”.

Other reasons why you may need a diet break include:

  • Very low energy
  • Low strength in the gym
  • Non-stop hunger
  • Being in a fat loss state for too long
  • No weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Increased irritability
  • Getting sick often
  • You are feeling the effects of dieting mentally

Make sure to check out my full day of eating video on my YouTube channel!


Have you ever taken a diet break during a fat loss phase?


      1. Depends if you have a time restraint. Something like contest prep, about 5 days to a week. If not, it all depends on the person! Could even be 2-4 weeks, or months.

    1. Given my history with an eating disorder, I strive to have a mentality like this! I do my best to avoid spending too much time comparing my eating habits to otherwise and focus on what I enjoy. It helps me keep mentally sane. Sometimes, ice cream calls… and I answer!

      I completely agree to your thoughts! 🙂

    1. Brittany! I finally watched some of your videos and you are so funny on camera. Keeping it real, my friend. Love it. Diet break? I think our bodies want a break from everything every once in a while, so this makes total sense. I find that I always give my diet a break on the weekends and it all evens out by my clean eating during the week. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Love your videos!!! And I love that you actually listen to your body! I don’t care what the competition or show is…it can’t be worth putting your body at risk!

      1. thanks so much love! so true. Actually made a huge decision yesterday about competing that I will be sharing soon.

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