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A Day In My Life

September 10, 2014

I’m jumping right back into the September Blogging Challenge, since I missed a few days/topics. I think that’s just how this is going to go – skip a few and then jump right into it. Instead of trying to catch up, that’d be too much in one post. That’s okay though!

I’ve never done a day in my life post, but I always love reading them. I have to admit, I don’t have the most exciting life right now between school, work, etc. But anyway, here we go..


My pup wakes me up, or I wake up on my own. I literally don’t even need an alarm clock anymore. Get up, give him a couple treats, and walk the dog.



All is right in the world… drinking my coffee. I’ve been obsessed with the coconut macaroon from Target. Go buy it, NOW. Tastes like a sugar cookie, mmmm.


Blog, check emails, Facebook, read blogs, check homework, etc. Basically dilly dally on the computer.



Make and eat breakfast! It’s usually a veggie omelet with feta cheese. That has been my kick recently.



Back on the computer to try and get some work done for school.


GYM! Best part of my day.


I like to warm up with 10 sets of selfies.


Shower, eat lunch, get ready for work.


WORK! I’m a nanny, so I take care of a 13-month-old. We do things like watch elmo and play with toys. Tough life 😉 No pictures for privacy reasons.

I always have a snack while at work, usually some sort of protein bar while the baby eats cheerios or goldfish. You guys NEED to try these bars.


They used to be called Krave bars, but they changed the name. Regardless, they are amazing. Very similar to quest, but dare I say they might even be better? They were softer which I really liked, and they tasted LEGIT. Felt like I was even getting salmonella eating the raw cookie dough one.


Yesterday I went to Costco, because when am I not buying food? It literally never ends.


$75 dollars later….


Eat again, of course!


Dinner is always different. But this combo… oh man, so good. Spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts, peas, avocado, chicken, and feta (I’m obsessed).


School work. This is the time I do majority of my stuff for school. Lectures, assignments, discussions, etc. Online classes are no joke!


Usually can’t think anymore by this time. And I’m hungry again. So I’ll eat my last meal, and watch a show. Either one that’s on, or binge watch Game of Thrones. I started it a few weeks ago from Season 1 Episode 1, and now I’m on Season 3. I’M OBSESSED. Best show ever.

Last meal always involves peanut butter. Yaaaas. Sometimes it’s greek yogurt, sometimes it’s arctic zero with cereal and peanut butter.


Or it’s usually a protein pancake with peanut butter and even reddi whip. Oh yeah. Did I mention I’m on contest prep? Flexible dieting, FTW.



Yeah, I’m an 80-year-old stuck in a 22-year-olds body. Bedtime for me at this time. This one is ready by 9pm, so he waits for me. I die.


What does a day in your life look like?

If you have a dog, do they sleep with you?


    1. I love “day in the life” posts! I posted one yesterday and it’s crazy to see how we all have different ways of fitting things in. Basically, we are killin’ it at life right now. haha 😉

      1. I bet!!! Enjoy it though, I’m sure you’ll get a job soon! Good luck girl

    1. Ok, even sadder – I’m usually asleep by 9! Of course, I can justify it b/c I do get up around 5am. We used to let our dogs sleep with us but I was getting no sleep. One of them started sleeping on my head and she’d randomly kick me during the night. yeah, not cool. It took a solid weekend to get her used to a kennel.

      1. I used to get up around 5 am and was DEAD by 9/930, so I definitely know what you mean!

    1. That spaghetti squash and brussel sprouts dish looks delicious! I need to start making more spaghetti squash.

      I’ve actually never tried arctic zero but I keep hearing people rave about it. Maybe I’ll pick some up this weekend!

      1. Yes, try it!!! some flavors are gross. The mint, vanilla, and chocolate are good though 😀

    1. i’m a 20-something year old granny too, and my schedule is pretty similar! today i have to work 1pm-9pm tho, UGH. but i only work 8 hours a day 2x a week, so it’s a sweet gig 😉

      your dog is killin’ me awww!!

    1. I love these posts too!!
      Its good to know that I am not the only girl in its twenties that will cuddle before 10pm in bed with her puppy and binge watch. It is literally heaven on Earth…people are missing out!! Ha!

    1. I always really enjoy reading day in the life posts too. I am glad you did one! I don’t think you have a “boring” life. And ugh, I WISH I could get to sleep at 9:00. It’s usually two hours later for me.
      You have started Game of Thrones and still manage to get your school work done? 😉 Just wait until you get to Season 4.

      1. Thank you, glad you think I don’t! 😀 Yeah, I’m never in bed by 9. I always get into bed by 10 but fall asleep around 10:30 or so. Oh boy, I can’t wait!!

      1. Seriously, me too!!! It’s crazy how much money I spend on food lol!

    1. I’m currently sitting here watching your latest YouTube video & catching up on your blog & thinking about how much I wish we didn’t live on opposite sides of the country…seriously.

      80 year olds UNITE <3

      1. SERIOUSLY!!!! I swear to you, I will move to SoCal when I graduate.. so when I do, we are hanging out 😀

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