Day 3 – Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

May 18, 2014

Well, I’m finally home! I’m actually really sad because I freaking love California and had the best trip, ever. BUT, it definitely felt good to get home and back in my bed and to be reunited with Bentley again. It’ll also be nice to get back into a routine!

Enough on that though, back to recapping my trip! Day three, I woke up in Napa, CA and had plans to go wine tasting at one of the amazing wineries of course. Unfortunately, I woke up not feeling my best and had a really bad sore throat and just felt like crap. I literally haven’t been sick in months or years, and my body decides to get sick on my trip. On wine tasting day. 


These were my life.

I said F it, did a quick workout in the mini gym at the hotel, and took a ton of medicine. I showered and met my mom and brother at the free breakfast our hotel was offering, and downed some coffee and food. We met a couple that was from the city next door to home in Florida! Such a small world. They told us about an amazing winery that we HAD to check out that day, and gave us some more tips on where to go and explore. I love traveling because you meet so many people and hear their experiences, so fun.



We finally ventured out and decided to just explore some of the surrounding towns before wine tasting. Because really, who would start wine tasting right after breakfast? I mean, I won’t judge 😉

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, clear skies, warm, sunny, a slight breeze. Just perfect.


Photo-op at one of the vineyards! We just stopped to take pictures because it looked pretty.. ha ha.

We roamed through a cute little town and went window shopping, and then stopped at another little town for some lunch. We figured we should get some fuel before wine-tasting. If you know me, I rarely drink, so I’m a light weight. I definitely need sustenance if I’m going to be drinking.


I saw grilled salmon on the menu and wanted it immediately. It was a simple salmon salad with a citrus dressing. So good, it hit the spot!

Finally, we made it to our final destination – Sattui Winery.


Outside was even beautiful! It was poppin, and we could tell it was a popular spot.



It had a really cool vibe from the moment we walked in, and we went straight to the tasting bar. Oddly enough, I didn’t even get ID’d. Normally people think I’m like 15, but maybe he just didn’t care. Oh well!


Um yeah, we were having fun. I’m more of a red wine gal, but I did try some whites. I figured out that I love drier wines, both red and white. I also HATE fruity wines, which I knew, but I did try a Zinfandel that wasn’t fruity at all. It was actually one of my favorites! If you thought you didn’t like zinfandel either, you haven’t tried a good one. Trust me.


The cool thing about Sattui Winery, is most of their wines are only sold there. They’re custom and you can’t buy them anywhere else. Of course we couldn’t leave without a few bottles! We left with our two Red favorites – the Zinfandel, and the Pinot Noir, and one white – Chardonnay.



Such a cute little place! Wine tasting has been on my bucket list forever, so I’m so glad I got a chance to do so in Napa.

After our afternoon wine tasting, we went back to check into our new hotel! We did quite a bit of hotel hopping, but it was fun to check out the different places.

This one, Vino Bello Resort, was one that I picked online and we were super pleased with my choice. It seemed as if it was once an apartment complex, but it was later made into a hotel. It was GORGEOUS, and we were greeted with a gift of small stemless plastic wine glasses and chocolate. Um, heck yeah!


We had a kitchen, two beds, a beautiful bathroom with a roman tub (forgot a picture) and a pool view with a balcony. Too bad we were only here for the night, but it was a great stay. Highly recommended if you are in the area.

After some down time, blogging, and a little nap, we were ready for dinner. We scoped out the restaurants in the downtown Napa area, and decided on a Mediterranean restaurant (which was highly recommended, even by the hotel) called Tarla Grill.

Right when we walked in, it was a great vibe. Tons of people were there, inside and outside, and it just looked like a great place. They had an awesome bar, and we knew we were in for a good meal.


My mom ordered:

Grilled Shanon Ranch Lamb Shish Kebab

Marinated with Mediterranean Herbs & Spices / Kale /Rancho Gordo Cassoulet Beans / Basil-Mint Chimichurri Sauce.
Of course I tried some, and it was amazing.



I ordered:

Caramelized Diver Scallops
Shrimp / Celery Root / Wild Mushrooms / Hearts of PalmAsparagus / Lemon-Caper Sauce.
AMAZING. No words. I ate it all.
The owner asked if we wanted dessert, and when we said no, he gave us a dish free anyway! Talk about great service.
I didn’t get a picture, but it was a small tasting plate of three different desserts – baklava, stuffed turkish apricots, and some sort of ice cream. So delicious!
Have you ever been wine tasting?
Red or white wine?

    1. Looks like so much fun! I’ve only been wine tasting once (in Temecula), but it was pretty fun. Like you, I rarely drink and am not one for fruity wines, but there was a ruby Port at this vineyard (Wien’s Family Vineyard or something like that) and it was easily the best alcohol I’ve ever tasted…aside from whiskey, of course. 😉

      1. I’m not really a whiskey girl! I’m definitely a wino, so wine tasting was awesome 😉

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