May 20, 2015

I saw this survey on Colleen’s blog, as well as a few others, and I always love reading it! I like seeing what people are loving and are into at the moment, especially since things are always changing. Isn’t it crazy how much can change in such a short period of time? I think back to things just a couple months ago, and they seem like they were so long ago. Trippy.

Anyway, before I get off onto a tangent (as usual), here are my currents:

Current Book(s):

Just started reading Intuitive Eating. Been wanting to read this for a long time – so far, so good!

Current Music:

Obsessed with this song lately.

Current Nail Color:

French gel manicure that’s almost 2 weeks old. Still going strong!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.15.20 PM

Current Drink:

Coffee and water, as usual.

Current Food:

ANYTHING sweet. Chocolate. Fruit. Dessert-type foods. Flavored peanut butter. Whatever.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.18.54 PM

Current Favorite Show:

The Bachelorette, duh. What’d you all think of the premier?

And Game of Thrones!

Current Wish List:

To graduate.

Current Needs:

To graduate.

Current Bane of my Existence: 

College. 😉


Current Celebrity Crush:

Girl crush? JLO! I know everyone’s always obsessed with beyonce, but I like JLO better. And Tay Swift. They always look fabulous.




Current Indulgence:

The fact that my nails are actually done from mother’s day!

Current Blessing:

Always so many blessings. But right now, the fact that I am healthy – physically and mentally.

Current Slang:

I keep saying “nah”. I have no idea why.

Current Outfit:

I love dresses or high waisted flowy skirts with crop tops. Typical summer outfits!

Current Excitement:

The fact that I surpassed 11.5k subscribers on YouTube!!! 😀 Seriously love you all.


Current Mood:


Current Link: 

This one. Simple acts of kindness make a huge impact. If everyone did something small every day for someone else, the world would improve greatly.


What are some of your currents? Share below!

    1. So good to have you back blogging! Love your youtube videos but reading blogs is just another thing I enjoy a lot. I’m also all for random acts of kindness!

      1. Same here! It’s so hard when I’m in school haha

    1. I have yet to get a gel manicure, and I’m so intrigued. Might have to make it happen once it feels like summer is actually here to stay in Minnesota! Current girl crush, forever and always, is Jennifer Lawrence. Love her! And congrats on YouTube! =)

      1. WHAT!! It is life changing.I can’t get a regular manicure now! I love Jlaw, too!

      1. ME TOO!!!! brb comin to NY for a froyo date

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