Client Testimonials - Brittany Lesser

Client Testimonials

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“When I started to work with Brittany I was at a plateau in my fitness journey. I reached out to her based on her overwhelmingly motivating social media sites and her knowledge of the health and fitness world.

    One of the many things I enjoy about working with Brittany is that her approach is very adaptable to my personal goals and individual results and she will not hesitate to get back to me and make small changes to our current plan.
     Aside from her vast knowledge of health and fitness, her availability and responsiveness is more than I could have expected. Her continuous and consistent positive feedback and encouragement has really helped me keep pushing harder to be a better form of myself.
       I would recommend Brittany to anyone who is ready to kick start their fitness journey.”

– Bri C.


“Brittany is very professional but down to earth at the same time. I truly enjoyed working with her. From her food guidelines to workout routines, everything was well organized and laid out. She helped me realize that I cannot get anywhere without loving myself first. I sincerely thank Brittany for that, and encourage anyone who is considering macro coaching/weight training to consider Brittany Lesser to help you achieve your goals.”

-Aline T.


“I have never worked with a coach before, but I could not be happier with what I received in choosing Brittany to fill that position. She is so knowledgeable in writing her workout and macro plans and, because of this, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of improving my physique. I feel that Brittany provided me with sustainability in these changes and her approach to coaching really helped strengthen my love for fitness. One of the things I valued most about working with Brittany was her cognizance of the fact that her clients are actual people. She acknowledges all aspects of her clients health, whether this be physical or mental, and I find this to be so exceedingly important in building a solid relationship between a client and a coach. Whether I was having a great week or a mediocre one, she was always there to offer words of encouragement, which helped me to persevere and crush my workouts knowing I had someone who wanted to see me succeed.

Whether you have years of weight training experience or are new to lifting, I would highly recommend Brittany Lesser to help you work toward whatever you aspire to do. “
-Gabi Bruno
We have had Dylan building muscle and increasing calories each week – she trusted me when I told her she should be increasing, and look at her now. We’ve increased by about 600 calories so far, she’s up to 75g of fat and 240g of carbs and is down 2 lbs. Win-win! Not everyone will respond this way, but just wanted to show that sometimes increasing calories isn’t so scary!

“I worked with Brittany for 6 weeks only, and learned so much about my body and the foods I was putting into it in such little time. Brittany is such a great teacher, as well as a genuinely caring individual. You could expect a reply to any email so quickly which made me feel very supported. The macros she made for me had me losing weight through the entire 6 weeks and had me feeling great mentally and physically. I have to also add a thank you to her for fitting me in to her already busy client list. I was at such a dark point in my life and I just needed something to pull me out and guide me into a better way of life. I am happy to say that I fully intend to keep on this journey of pushing myself and testing my comfort zones. Wherever I take my journey to, I will have her to thank for getting me started.

Thank you Brittany 🙂 You will continue being such a support and light in my life.”

-Stephanie C.
Fat Loss | Client: Hope L.
Reverse Dieting | Client: Briee S.
“Before working with Brittany I was sceptical of the idea of having a coach and weather it would really make a difference to my training or diet. But after contacting her and finding out a little more about it I decided it was definitely worth a go. I’m so glad I did because she has changed everything for me! From the way I go about my diet, training days and staying motivated when you’re not seeing results as quickly as you want.
I feel I have learnt so much about my nutrition in a small amount of time, I now feel like I am out of the plateau that I was stuck in for so long and am fully back on track making progress again, all thanks to Brittany! I love the way she treats her clients, treating you more like a friend then just another client makes such a difference as I really felt I could tell her everything about my progress, even the bad things!
I chose to contact Brittany as I was already a huge fan of her on all social medias, especially her YouTube channel so I found it so motivating to be able to watch her videos for inspiration and ideas for meal preps and workouts etc. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for some guidance in terms of their diet and fitness journey.”
Thank you for everything Brittany, you’ve been so amazing to work with, I hope we can keep in touch and work together again in the future! I have a fitness instagram account too if you would like to see some of my progress it would be amazing if you wanted to check it out 🙂 my username is “alongwheytogo”
Thanks 😀
Amy xx