What NOT to Do When Trying to Lose Weight

The act of weight loss or fat loss has become so complicated for so many people due to all of the misconceptions, scams, and (excuse my language) bullshit that has surrounded it. Between crash dieting, crazy different diets, cutting out entire food groups, detox teas, waist trainers, and a ton of other irrational ways to " lose weight", no wonder people are confused! Today I want to squash all of those illogical weight loss tips you hear and to help you and correct some of the mistakes you may have made or could have made. Do not crash diet & do not have unrealistic expectations. This is so important. Crash dieting can cause major harm in the long run, and it is NOT something you will be able to sustain. You want … [Read more...]

Can You Reach Your Fitness Goals Without Tracking Macros?

Some of you reading this may be macro enthusiasts, and some of you may be asking "what the heck is a macro?" The other people may know what macros are and are just intrigued by the thought of tracking macros since the concept has truly blown up in the fitness industry lately. First of all, what is a macro? Macro is short for macronutrients, which in simpler terms, is what makes up the food you eat - proteins, carbs, and fats. IIFYM, or flexible dieting, is about weighing your food and accurately tracking those macro nutrients to hit a specific number each day. For some, this has allowed freedom (like myself) in terms of being able to eat what they want while still reaching their fitness goals. Flexible dieting has truly saved me from … [Read more...]

The Wrong Reasons to Compete in a Bikini Competition

Competing is very popular these days, and it seems like everyone is either prepping for a show, about to prep for a show, or have already competed. I am all for everyone challenging themselves to do so and working towards a goal. Trust me, I love competing and I plan to compete again very soon ;) The mental and physical challenge, seeing what you are capable of, stepping outside your comfort zone, and the feeling of finally stepping on stage and having your hard work all pay off - nothing beats that rush. While I'm sure a ton of people want to do it for all the right reasons, I'm sure there are some people out there who are doing it for all the wrong reasons. I always, always urge people to do your research before committing to … [Read more...]

Ways to Measure Progress Besides the Scale

So I started a "mini-cut" about four weeks ago, and you want to know something funny? Well, it's not really funny. But it kind of is. The scale has not moved.. AT ALL. I mean, of course it has been fluctuating as usual, but in the grand scheme of things I'm pretty much the same weight. Back in the day, I would have been DEVASTATED over this. These days, I really don't care. I feel really good, and I know i'm making progress because of the other ways I measure my progress. The funny thing about the scale is yes, it is a good measure of progress. However, it is not the ONLY way to measure progress. So many people get so caught up in the number on the scale and if it doesn't move at all, or as fast as they'd like, they think they are … [Read more...]

Steel-Cut Oats in 4 minutes! Different Ways to Eat Oats & GIVEAWAY

    Breakfast is easily my favorite part of the day. There is just a special place in my heart for breakfast food.. I could honestly eat it all day long. One of my favorite breakfasts is oatmeal. Did you know, I once ate oatmeal every single morning for about 2 years straight? Once I love something, I REALLY love something. Coach's oats is also something that I have loved for years. It is basically the taste/texture of steel cut oats, but cooks in only about 4 minutes. I am all about fast and easy when it comes to food, but of course, healthy as well! STEEL CUT OATS are groats cut with rotating steel blades. During this process, each groat is cut into small pieces, resulting in oatmeal. Traditional steel cut oats … [Read more...]

The Problem with Free Online “Cutting Programs”

I came across an article on bodybuilding.com focusing on a competitor's cutting program, going over her nutrition, workouts, etc. Let me be clear that I am not bashing bodybuilding.com or this competitor AT ALL, I love the website and it has amazing information. This is simply an example to get my point across. There is nothing wrong with sharing this information, of course, however it gave the exact things she ate, as well as the exact calories and macros. I then scrolled down and saw someone comment "how long do I follow this eating plan??" That is when a red flag popped up. People see fitness models, competitors, or anyone on social media that has their "ideal physique" and tries to look up how to achieve that body. The thing is, … [Read more...]

Lean Legs Plyometric Workout

I've decided to add in a plyometric day once a week into my training schedule. I've been working legs about 2-3x per week - one day focused on quads and calves, the other day focus on glutes and hamstring, and the last day either focused only on glutes or a plyo workout. "Plyometrics, also known as "jump training" or "plyos", are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength). This training focuses on learning to move from a muscle extension to a contraction in a rapid or "explosive" manner, such as in specialized repeated jumping." (WebMD). Personally I love these because they are a mix between strengthening your muscles, while also increasing your heart … [Read more...]

The Glute Workout that Killed Us

The other day my friend Sarah and I met up with the hopes of absolutely murdering our legs/bootay.. and we definitely achieved that. We were sore pretty much until Thursday, and we worked out on Sunday. Goal attained. I typically do legs 2-3 times per week, and focus on hamstrings and glutes at least one day, and two if I end up doing 3 leg days. My legs tend to grow faster than my glutes, so focusing them on a specific day is always a good idea. So without further ado, onto the GLUUUUTES! Here is the full-breakdown we did: Deadlifts 5 sets - start with lower weight with about 8 reps, then increase weight each set and lower reps Hip Thrusts 5 sets - do the same as above, increase weight each set Reverse Pause Hack Squats - 3 … [Read more...]

Arms & Core Workout

I typically don't work arms by themselves, since I tend to do an upper/lower body split. However, this past week I threw in an arm day so I could workout with my friend Sarah, and that's the only muscle group that we hadn't worked that week! I have to say, I always get the BEST pump when I work my arms. Gotta love it. ARMS Seated bicep curl (alternating or not) Overhead tricep extension Spider curls superset with skull crushers Single-arm tricep cable push down Drag curls with the cable Bicep 21's superset with reverse tricep pushdowns CORE Side oblique raises Circuit: Plate ab raises Leg Lifts Plank oblique twists   Favorite core workout? Do you work your arms separately or with other … [Read more...]

Grocery Haul + Protein Bars

Sooo this whole post is about food. Everyone loves food though, so it's cool, right? Right. If you say you don't love food, then I don't trust you. And you're probably lying ;) just kidding. Anyway... here are some things I picked up at the grocery store this last time. I already had some stuff in the fridge/pantry, so it was just stuff that I ran out of!   Sweet potatoes (to make into fries) Brussel sprouts Asparagus Broccoli Portobello mushrooms Avocados Pico de gallo Veggie burgers (these are delicious) Almond milk Half & half Egg whites Dannon light n' fit greek yogurt Silk dairy-free yogurt Fat free strawberry cream cheese Goat cheese Feta cheese Pb2 Nature's path vanilla almond … [Read more...]