When Should You Make Changes to Your Macros?

I get so many questions around the topic of macros - what should they be, when should I adjust, should I carb cycle, is there a specific percentage to use, how do you know if they're working, etc. I think one of the most common questions though is in regards to when you should CHANGE your macros, or adjust them. Lets say you've decided to figure out your macros on your own and do this without a coach. Great! It can certainly be done, you just have to be patient and know when to make changes and pay attention to your body. Okay, so you have your macros. You've started at this certain caloric range, a specific number of carbs, proteins, and fats, and you have started weighing your food and tracking these targeted macros. But then you … [Read more...]

Can You Reach Your Fitness Goals Without Tracking Macros?

Some of you reading this may be macro enthusiasts, and some of you may be asking "what the heck is a macro?" The other people may know what macros are and are just intrigued by the thought of tracking macros since the concept has truly blown up in the fitness industry lately. First of all, what is a macro? Macro is short for macronutrients, which in simpler terms, is what makes up the food you eat - proteins, carbs, and fats. IIFYM, or flexible dieting, is about weighing your food and accurately tracking those macro nutrients to hit a specific number each day. For some, this has allowed freedom (like myself) in terms of being able to eat what they want while still reaching their fitness goals. Flexible dieting has truly saved me from … [Read more...]

Vegan Bean Dip With “Nacho Cheese” Sauce

Do you participate in Meatless Monday? If not, you should! Not only is it good for you and the environment to eat less meat, but it's honestly fun to come up with new recipes and try new foods. I know I personally get stuck in a rut a lot and eat the same foods over and over again, so one day a week I try a new recipe, try a new food, or try to get creative in the kitchen and come up with something brand new myself. Not only is it Meatless Monday, but football season has started! Football is certainly my favorite sport, especially since I grew up being a cheerleader my entire life. I'm more about the college football teams, but all football is great really. Monday Night football is usually a time where you are surrounded by tons of … [Read more...]

How To Pick The Perfect Kabocha Squash

So if ya'll know me at all, you would know that I am in love with kabocha squash. Actually, it's more of an obsession. I will drive 45 minutes for some (and I really have). I get so many questions about how to make it, how to pick it, and how to track the macros because it isn't very consistent. I'm going to break it all down for you, because trust me you need to experience the deliciousness of this squash. I basically can't eat any other squash now because it doesn't compare. Back off, butternut and acorn. Once you go Kabocha, you don't go back. Okay, so, what even is Kabocha? No, it's not Kombucha like the probiotic drink that everyone gets confused with. Ka-bO-cha is a japanese pumpkin - basic girls unite! It doesn't taste like a real … [Read more...]

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

I have a confession to make... I don't set a budget for myself for groceries. I know, it's bad. I tend to spend most of my money on food because it's important to me! It's one of those things where I say I'd rather invest in good, healthy food instead of other things like getting my nails done, buying clothes, etc. However, I have to admit I do spend more than I probably need to. It's also pretty common to hear people saying they can't afford to eat healthy. There are so many ways to save money on groceries, so that's what I'm here to share with you all. Lets jump right into it! 1. Shop locally, such as at the Farmer's Market. Buying foods from local farmers are much cheaper, and more fresh, than buying them from the … [Read more...]

How To Make Zoats – Zucchini Oatmeal

I know, I know, you're probably thinking "why the heck would I put zucchini in my oatmeal?". I thought the same thing before I tried it, trust me! I definitely cannot take credit for this at all, I saw a bunch of people on instagram, YouTube, etc. post about this and I always thought it sounded strange. However, after trying it, I am hooked! There are a couple of reasons to put zucchini in your oatmeal: It's a great way to sneak in some extra veggies. It looks fun to eat green food (especially for kids)! VOLUME!!! <---- this is most important. They make the oats much more voluminous than it is on its own! It's honestly the easiest thing to do as well. You can make them on the stovetop, but I use my favorites Coach's … [Read more...]

Grocery Haul – Trader Joes Staples + Fresh Market

      Do you ever get to the grocery store and use a basket but then overfill it anyway and break your arm off wishing you just got a cart instead? It happens to me every.time. When will I learn? I tend to shop at Walmart for most of my groceries, but I do like to go to specialty stores like trader joes, fresh market, and whole foods once in a while for specialty items. I do like TJ's produce though, much cheaper for organic here! Lets break it down: Veggies/Fruit   Green beans, broccoli, spinach, lettuce (these are my basics), and raspberries. I'm obsessed with raspberries lately! I usually get brussels, too, but they didn't have any. Dips/Cheese   Hummus, feta cheese, and … [Read more...]

Steel-Cut Oats in 4 minutes! Different Ways to Eat Oats & GIVEAWAY

    Breakfast is easily my favorite part of the day. There is just a special place in my heart for breakfast food.. I could honestly eat it all day long. One of my favorite breakfasts is oatmeal. Did you know, I once ate oatmeal every single morning for about 2 years straight? Once I love something, I REALLY love something. Coach's oats is also something that I have loved for years. It is basically the taste/texture of steel cut oats, but cooks in only about 4 minutes. I am all about fast and easy when it comes to food, but of course, healthy as well! STEEL CUT OATS are groats cut with rotating steel blades. During this process, each groat is cut into small pieces, resulting in oatmeal. Traditional steel cut oats … [Read more...]

Add Some ZING to Your Breakfast

Breakfast time is my favorite time of the day. Seriously.. I go to bed dreaming of the morning and excited to wake up for two things: coffee and food. I could actually eat breakfast food all day, every day if I could. And lets not get started on coffee - you all know how obsessed I am with the stuff. Who's with me? ;) One thing that I cannot go without in the morning is sweetener. I'm not the type of person who can drink coffee un-sweetened or eat oatmeal without any type of sweetener to spruce things up a bit. I like things to be tasty and delicious, not only nutritious and satisfying. Born Sweet® Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener sent me some of their stevia packets to try and I tested them out on multiple things. The verdict? … [Read more...]

The Problem with Free Online “Cutting Programs”

I came across an article on bodybuilding.com focusing on a competitor's cutting program, going over her nutrition, workouts, etc. Let me be clear that I am not bashing bodybuilding.com or this competitor AT ALL, I love the website and it has amazing information. This is simply an example to get my point across. There is nothing wrong with sharing this information, of course, however it gave the exact things she ate, as well as the exact calories and macros. I then scrolled down and saw someone comment "how long do I follow this eating plan??" That is when a red flag popped up. People see fitness models, competitors, or anyone on social media that has their "ideal physique" and tries to look up how to achieve that body. The thing is, … [Read more...]