Behind the Blogger: Part 1

Hi loves! Since I'm trying to get back to blogging regularly after a long hiatus, I thought it would be fun to dive a little more into who I am as a person. Especially since times have changed a LOT since I was blogging regularly - I have grown and evolved as a person, and life has changed drastically. Of course, there are so many things that have remained the same, as I am still the same person at my core. I also believe there is more than meets the eye, or shall I say, social media channels. Most of you who know me probably immediately think of health and fitness when you see or hear my name. While health and fitness is one of the biggest parts of my life, it isn't the only part and it isn't my only passion. There is more to me than … [Read more...]


If you follow me on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Snapchat, you may have already heard the news. If not, I'm sure you can guess from the title :) Yes, I am in fact pregnant with my first child and I couldn't be more excited!!!!! Those of you who really know me or have been keeping up with my journey for a while, know that I always say that my purpose in life is to become a mama. After going through amenorrhea, losing my period, and just tons of ups and downs in my health and fitness journey, I am beyond blessed that I have the opportunity to create life and bring a child into this world. I couldn't be more grateful. I pray every single day and thank God for this opportunity, and I truly believe things happen for a reason. Everything … [Read more...]

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Working from home is truly a blessing, but it also has its challenges. So many people may think it would be wonderful to do so, and I have to say it is, I love it, however it does take some getting used to and some changes in order to make it work. Yes, you actually WORK when you work from home. A common misconception about working from home is that you can do whatever you want. While yes, that's true to an extent since you can be flexible, it is important to get all the work you need to get done. It may be hard to concentrate, you will probably be very tempted to crawl back into bed, it's quiet since you don't have anyone around you, and you may want to eat the entire kitchen in order to take a "break". Here are some tips that may help … [Read more...]

IIFYM Full Day of Eating

I haven't been super strict with tracking my macros lately, and it has been a nice break. However, I have some new goals and I'm the type of person that craves consistency, structure, and a plan. Call me crazy, but it's just how I am! I was watching an old video that I posted on my channel (about 4 months ago) when I pulled out of prep, and I stated that I probably wanted to start a prep in August. I thought about it, but I will be traveling in the beginning of December and I absolutely do not want to be on prep at that time. I do, however, want to start leaning out a bit. My reason for this is simple - my long term goals are more important to me right now than stepping on stage in a few months. Long term I really want to be able to … [Read more...]

23 Things I’ve Learned in Life

It's my birthday!! I turn the ripe old age of 23 today ;) I love sharing some wisdom/things I've learned in my short life, so that's exactly what I did. If I can help anyone, it's always worth it to share some awesome things to remember. Time seriously does fly, and you don't even realize all that you can go through within a short amount of time. Craaaaazy. 23 things I’ve learned in life: Step outside your comfort zone Say yes to more things But it’s also ok to say no Be a nice human Always look on the positive side of things Find your passion and pursue it It’s ok to cut negative people out of your life to live a more positive one Sometimes people you have never met (or have just met) can be become some of your best … [Read more...]

Fitness Q&A

Hi guys! I recorded a fitness question and answer video replying to the many questions I got on my instagram post. So many great questions, so it's a bit long! I also split it up between fitness questions, and regular questions so stay tuned for the second q&a to come. Enjoy! :) … [Read more...]

IIFYM Full Day of Food

I haven't done a what I ate Wednesday post in FOREVER. Normally I just forget to take a photo of allll my meals for the day, but luckily I did the other day, it's a miracle. I also made a YouTube video, so I'll post that at the bottom if you want to watch it instead of see the photos! Of course, link up with Jenn if you join! If you aren't aware, i've been reverse dieting so slowly increasing my calories each week. I've been experimenting with different ratios as well, so carbs are up and I'm loving my progress. So let's jump into it! Breakfast   Honestly this is so weird, but I've been obsessed with this breakfast. I've been craving sweet and savory in the mornings, so I have two slices of toast - one slice with … [Read more...]

Memories Over Macros

Ya'll know I'm a huge advocate of counting macros. It's a wonderful tool for determining your maintenance calories, to see how much you are eating and where you need to adjust to reach your goals, for allowing flexibility on contest prep, to give you a better idea of portion sizes, and to allow more flexibility in your diet and your life. Counting macros has been my life savor. It got me out of the super restrictive phase of my eating habits and allowed me to incorporate ALL different types of foods. I am so much more flexible than I ever have been, and I am so thankful for flexible dieting. However, when I'm not on competition prep, my goal is to transition into "intuitive eating". Now, I think this phrase has blown up lately, but in … [Read more...]

Q & A !

Hi friends! I want to film and question and answer video for you all, so I'm asking on all of my social media accounts for any and all questions. You can ask me anything from fitness, nutrition, bikini prep, life, college, ANYTHING! Ready... GO!   … [Read more...]

YouTube vs. Blogging – Where I’ve Been

Hi friends! Thank you to everyone who gave me some input on my survey in my last post. You can still take it, too! So blogging has obviously been put on the back burner lately, as I've been SO busy. I felt compelled to write a post saying where I've been and why, you know, if anyone cared! I'm a full-time student completely online. Midterms are actually happening right now since spring break is next week (obviously I'm procrastinating, what else is new). People think online classes are laid back and easy.. wrong. They're 10x more work than in-person classes and you have to stay concentrated and dedicated. I'm on my online classes multiple times a day either watching lectures, studying, doing assignments, projects, discussions, … [Read more...]