Body Image Talk – How to Stay Positive

August 19, 2015

Lets talk body image. I really try to be as transparent and honest as I possibly can with you all. Social media has the tendency to make it seem like everyone’s life is all sunshine and butterflies, but in reality, EVERYONE has problems. Everyone struggles, and no one is perfect.

I’m constantly preaching to love your body at every stage but honestly, I struggle with doing so. Last week I literally just started crying. I’m not as lean as I was, I don’t have abs, I have more cellulite than before, a lot of my clothes do not fit me, and mix that with some PMS/hormones and the outcome is a nice, big cry.  I did this for a couple days, and I was just wallowing in my own sorrow. I felt really unmotivated to even workout and just was not happy.

But then I was thinking about it and I was like.. really bro? You are crying over THIS? Your period has returned (finally). Your hormones are more regulated. You’re not starving 24/7. You don’t have to count lettuce into your macros. You can be so much more flexible. You aren’t isolating yourself. You’re more social. You’re lifting a ton in the gym. You aren’t doing a shit-ton of cardio. You have healthy food to eat that nourishes your body. Your hair is thicker and is growing longer than ever. YOU ARE FREAKING HEALTHY. It’s almost selfish to be crying over the fact that I have a little bit more body fat, it really is.

And I know it’s easier said than done.. you can say it over and over again but you will still struggle from time to time, and that’s okay. It’s okay to have the not-so-great days, because then you appreciate the better days. Some days I do look in the mirror and I’m like HELL YEAH I look amazing..especially them muscle/booty gains though. It’s so important to just look on the positive side of every situation, that’s really the best thing you can do. Do not focus on the negatives (or what your mind thinks are negatives), and focus on what is great about the situation.

So, I wanted to share 5 tips that I practice/remind myself when I do have bad body image days, or even to prevent them. I go much more into detail in the video.

1. Are you healthy/can you maintain that weight or caloric intake forever?

2. Remember your goals.

3. You will not fit in prep or old clothes.

4. No one cares about your weight! Screw the scale.

5. Benefits outweigh the negatives & it’s silly to be freaking out!


I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Any other topics you’d want me to talk about?


    1. This is a great post Brittany. I think a lot of people forget that we all do have struggled and issues. Social media is hard because it seems like everyone has a perfect life. Great reminder!

    1. LOVE this post, thanks for sharing! I remember your post competition videos and I really connected with that as I too had to reverse diet post comp to get my cycle going again etc, it was a real tough time for me and your videos made me feel not alone! Thanks for being so open and sharing! xo C

      1. Thank you Courtney!! So glad they have helped.

    1. No one is s hard on you as you are on yourself. I still think you are gorgeous aND really pretty no matter that you are bigger than bikini prep. Bikini prep is only a temporary body stage.

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