Bikini Competition Update

October 16, 2014

So I haven’t updated you all on my bikini competition lately. I’ve mostly been updating on my youtube channel, and balancing the blog, youtube, school, work, and all my other social media channels is certainly tough.

I thought i’d give you all an update here if you were interested, and if you didn’t feel like watching my videos.


I posted this picture on instagram the other day, because this is my transformation so far. The picture on the left was the very first picture I sent my coach, and the one on the right was on Saturday.

The one on the left was after I reverse dieted myself, and honestly, I did not reverse slow enough. The next time I do it after this show, I’ll have the help of my coach and we are going to go slooooow so I can maximize muscle gain and minimize body fat gain.

The picture on the left is about 2 weeks out from my first competition! Holy crap. Initially, I was supposed to compete in November, but I decided I wanted to try and compete about 3 weeks early, and my coach said I looked ready so I could if I wanted to. I decided to go for it, so when I publish this post I will be 10 days out. Yup, freaking out a little bit 😉

Let me just clarify, there is NOTHING wrong with my body on the left. I loved myself then, and I love myself now. If you are thinking about competing, DO NOT even consider it if you don’t love your body right now. That is why I waited so long to commit to compete, because I knew it could be a mind fuck. Do I sometimes compare myself to other girls and wonder if I’m lean enough to compete? I won’t lie, yes. It’s a little hard when you know you will be competing against other girls – that’s the sport. But then I tell myself that is ridiculous. This is about MY journey, and what it took to get here. Me vs. me.

The fact that I set a goal and worked my arse off to reach that goal, gives me a huge sense of pride and I am so proud of myself. That is why I decided to compete. Nothing beats that feeling.

Competing is not about getting a leaner, more ripped body. If that is the reason you are considering it, please reevaluate. You will not be happier the leaner you get. I am competing because I train, I’m not training to compete.


I’ve been dieting for about 11 weeks now? and have used a flexible dieting approach the entire way. This means my coach has never once said “you must eat x, y, z”. He has never told me what to eat. I’ve been able to eat literally whatever I want as long as I fit it into my macros. I know some people give iifym a bad rap, but when you have to be disciplined for a show, I personally think it’s the healthiest approach. Be a strict dieter (when you have to be), not a restricted one.

Want to eat ice cream on prep? Cool, fit it in your macros. It has kept me sane, and I’ve honestly loved this entire process. I really pride myself on not feeling like death or a walking zombie 10 days out. I’ve heard horror stories, and no matter what happens next Saturday, I will be proud of myself for stepping on stage happy and healthy. That is the most important thing to me.

I’m feeling good, and I’m feeling READY. I haven’t done hours of cardio, I haven’t done any fasted workouts, I haven’t done any two-a-days, I haven’t eaten tilapia once, I haven’t had to restrict sodium, I haven’t felt like I needed to binge, I haven’t felt restricted. Cheers to that 😉


Have you ever competed before?

How was your experience?

If not, does it interest you?


    1. Cheers to YOU girl!! You look amazing and YES for being proud!! I love your approach. I never competed and I don’t plan to but I sure love to follow your journey and cheer you on. Congrats!

    1. As great as you look, I have to say that it’s your approach and thought process that impresses me the most. I love that you aren’t driving yourself crazy and pushing your body/mind to extremes to reach your goal. Huge kudos to you, girl. Can’t wait to see how you do!

      1. Absolutely, that was my main goal going into this prep!! Love ya girl, thanks!! 😀

    1. You are looking great, as I said on you IG! I approach my running the same way that you approach your competition–I race because I run, not run to race. It helps me keep the joy in what I do!

    1. First off, you look absolutely amazing! Both your before and after are beautiful! Secondly, I totally love your mindset on keeping this competition healthy and not losing your sanity over restrictive eating. You rock 🙂 !

      1. Thank you, Emma! Yes, that was most important to me going into this prep 😀

    1. Granted, I haven’t read a huge lot of posts bx fitness competitors before but your attitude is the most relaxed I’ve come across yet – and I like it. The whole idea of eating and training – thereby essentially organising your life all around that – with only the competition in mind turns me off. Your different approach seems more sustainable and, yes, fun to me.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you in anyway. But also because it’d be great to see you ace in the competition setting an example for others to see that it’s possible to achieve all that without giving up on fun in life.

    1. I am so, so impressed by your entire journey and (even more) inspired. You looked phenomenal before and you look phenomenal now. Pleasepleaseplease move to CA so we can be best friends. kthanksbye. 🙂

      1. omg I love you girl, thank you!!! and YES YES YESSSS I will!!!

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