Behind the Blogger: Part 1

September 19, 2017

Hi loves! Since I’m trying to get back to blogging regularly after a long hiatus, I thought it would be fun to dive a little more into who I am as a person. Especially since times have changed a LOT since I was blogging regularly – I have grown and evolved as a person, and life has changed drastically. Of course, there are so many things that have remained the same, as I am still the same person at my core.

I also believe there is more than meets the eye, or shall I say, social media channels. Most of you who know me probably immediately think of health and fitness when you see or hear my name. While health and fitness is one of the biggest parts of my life, it isn’t the only part and it isn’t my only passion. There is more to me than what I showcase on my social media channels. I have more interests, more passions, and just more to me than what you see.

Without further ado, here is more about me, Brittany Paige.

  1. I love to write. Hence this blog. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine and something that I would do to escape. I have always struggled with expressing myself in real life, however, writing was the one thing that I have always felt like I could express my true, raw self and feel comfortable doing so. I was also a journalism major the first few years of my college career before switching over to health.
  2. I am an introverted extrovert. I know so many people don’t think this is even a thing, but it is. It’s me to a T. It’s hard to get me to go out and socialized, but once I’m out I can be extremely outgoing. I can also be super shy when you first meet me, or super outgoing – it all depends on a variety of factors like my mood, who I’m with, my environment, and more. I also NEED my alone time after being around people for a while. There’s only so much I can take, and then I need to be alone and re-coop.
  3. The only thing I’ve always been sure of in life, is that I am meant to be a mother. And it’s finally happening, and I have never been happier. I have always had such a strong maternal instinct, and a strong sense that my purpose in life is to be a mom. While many things I’ve never been able to picture, I’ve always been able to picture myself with many children.
  4. I pour my heart and soul into things I love. I don’t half-ass things, I full-ass them. Kidding, kind of. No matter what it is, if I set my mind to it, I will do whatever it takes to succeed. I pour my heart and soul into my relationships – with my boyfriend, my friends, etc. I pour my heart and soul into the work projects I am doing. I pour my heart and soul into any goal I’m trying to achieve.
  5. Moving across the country was the best decision I’ve ever made. I grew up in south Florida, went to college in Florida, and have lived in many parts of Florida (Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, Orlando, Gainesville, etc). A couple of years ago, I packed up my things and moved to Denver, Colorado and I immediately fell in love. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere in Colorado, I finally felt like I was “home”, which I never felt in Florida oddly enough. The year I lived there was one of the best years of my life and I’m so grateful I took the plunge. I ended up moving to Los Angeles, CA to pursue acting and while I wasn’t fond of LA at all, I did meet the man I currently love and am expecting a baby with. Everything happens for a reason.
  6. I’m a firm believer that things happen the way they’re meant to. Like I said above, I do think things happen the way they’re supposed to, and things fall into place the way they should. Looking back, there were so many times that I didn’t understand why certain things were happening. Break ups, health issues, and tough times – I constantly was asking the universe WHY? It’s so difficult to distinguish when you are vulnerable, broken, and down. However, every single thing I was confused about, makes complete sense to me now. If a certain break up didn’t happen, my life would be completely different. If I didn’t go through some crazy health issues during college, I would’ve never discovered my passion.
  7. I’m obsessed with music. It makes me f e e l, which is why I love it so much. Happy, sad, warm, excited, energetic, sleepy, and more. Emotions are incredible to experience, regardless of what they are and I always feel so many emotions when I listen to music. I always said if I could choose one talent, I wish it was that I could sing well.
  8. I’m a natural-born teacher. Ever since I was little, I would play “teacher” with my friends constantly. I then have worked with kids me entire life in many different ways – as a nanny, as a cheerleading coach, teaching bible school, etc. Now I am an online coach/personal trainer, I blog, I YouTube, I utilize social media – all in hopes of helping and teaching others. If I ever went back to work in any type of corporate job, it would definitely be as a teacher. This is also why I can’t wait to be a mom!
  9. Although I can be shy, I’ve always loved performing. I think I get more nervous talking to people one-on-one or in small groups than I do performing in front of a large crowd. This is why I love YouTube, I love modeling, I’ve tried and enjoyed acting, and my favorite part of competing is being on stage.
  10. I’m secretly a hopeless romantic. Growing up, I prided myself on being a “hard ass”. I never cried, I was mostly always single because I wanted to be independent and make it a point that I didn’t need a man to be happy, I had a really tough time opening up to people, I also had a tough time allowing myself to be emotional and f e e l. Deep down, I was soft, I just never wanted to show it. After falling in love, getting my heart-broken, and realizing its healthy and amazing to be emotional and show my feelings, I now let my hopeless romantic/emotional side shine. I take risks in opening up myself to people, I show my emotions effortlessly, I embrace feeling sad/happy/loving/grateful/crying, etc. Especially now being pregnant, everything makes me cry lol! When I love, I love hard. Life is too short to hide your feelings, and I’m glad I’ve learned this.


    1. Awww, I freaking love this!! AMEN to an introverted extrovert being a thing – I have triiiied to tell people.

      Best wishes for you and baby boy. You look absolutely stunning! The pregnancy glow has got you BAD! I cannot wait to see baby pics and watch you be a beautiful mommy 🙂

    1. I have been following you on You Tube for a while and I was tso happy to hear that you were pregnant. You are going to be the best mommy!

      Take care and keep smiling!

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