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Baby Shower

January 16, 2018

Just like that, our baby shower has come and gone! I can’t believe it’s already over and I’m 34 weeks pregnant (and 1 day) as I’m typing this. I had a lot of anxiety leading up to the shower, but thankfully it all turned out absolutely perfect.

The week started on January 6th when one of my besties Sahara came into town to stay with us! She is also the photographer behind most of my professional photographs, and she is the one who did our maternity photos. They all turned out incredible, by the way. I only have two so far, but I cannot wait to share the rest when she sends them.

We did an indoor shoot one of the days, and then an outdoor shoot with gowns the other day. Matthew got some photos with his iPhone X and look how amazing the quality is!

Mid-week, my best friend Sarah, and the main planner for the shower, got into town!!! We haven’t seen each other in about a year, so it was long overdue to be reunited. We spent the week getting things ready for the shower, including the games, shopping for prizes, and focusing on decorations.

Sarah made this diaper cake – how good did it come out!

Baby balloon and in the back you can see the centerpieces we made for the tables. We got clear balloons and wrapped them with blue tulle and attached them to two different types of blue weights.

A banner that said “Baby Shower” for the bar.

This table also had “It’s a boy!” on the table but quickly got covered with gifts.


We hosted our baby shower at one of our favorite restaurants called Via Roma in Rocklin, California. We decided to just host it there instead of getting the food catered because it was easier to have them cooking there.


We started with bread, Caesar salad, and mista salad. We then had two types of pizzas – spinach with goat cheese and pesto and then Margherita with chicken. We then had two types of pasta & chicken – spaghetti with meatballs, shrimp scampi, and chicken marsala.


We offered two cases of wine – 12 bottles of red and 12 bottles of white. We ended up taking 13 bottles home! Can’t wait to have a glass post-baby 😉


I bought 72 cupcakes from Icing on the Cupcake located in Rocklin, California. These were the same cupcakes we had for our gender reveal and they are just incredible. After we got a free tasting session, we decided to go with 3 types – lemon with a lemon filling (our favorite, the one on the top), snickerdoodle (fourth cupcake down), and confetti (not pictured).

Our shower started at 11:30 and went until 3:30 (the restaurant had to open at 4pm. We had a co-ed baby shower and Matthew’s family, newer and older friends, a ton of my friends came from out of state, and so many others came to celebrate our baby boy and I felt so blessed.

For those wondering, my dress is from the store Windsor, and it is not a maternity dress!

My bestie Sarah, and the girl behind the planning that I also helped with!

Darrian and I. She’s two months behind me in her pregnancy and we are both having boys who will obviously be best friends like us.

This doll and the girl behind my HAIR!!!! Best hair stylist ever, if you’re in Sacramento and need one 😉

My friend Briana who came from Minnesota.

Matthew and I’s friend Ishak!

Uncle Chris.

Maryana and I!

Those are just some of the photos, there’s a ton more that I don’t have.


We actually only played a few of the games at the actual baby shower and played some at our after party at home.

  1. Mommy and Daddy Quiz – we printed out a quiz that Matthew and I took and agreed on answers. The questions asked “who said this” and the guests could answer mom, dad, both, or neither. For example: “who will change more diapers”, or “who wants more kids”, etc.
  2. Don’t Say Baby – we had tiny blue pins (you can see in some of the photos on my dress) and you weren’t allowed to say the word baby. If someone catches you saying it, they steal your pin. If you catch someone saying it, you steal their pin. The person with the most pins wins.
  3. Decorate Diapers – we had a box with non-toxic markers and guests could decorate diapers!
  4. Tasting Baby Food – this game we ended up doing at home at the after party. We had multiple flavors (peas, sweet potato, banana, carrot, and turkey and rice). You have everyone grab a partner and one person closes their eyes and is the “taster” and the other one feeds that person. They then have to guess the flavor and the person who guesses the most flavors correctly wins.


Our shower was mostly about just hanging out, mingling, eating bomb food, and having fun! We focused mostly on that, just relaxing and getting to chat and spend time with friends and family. It was perfect. It wasn’t stressful and it was exactly how I like parties. I felt so blessed to be surrounded with people whom I love as well as those who I may have just met but felt like I’ve known much longer. We have some pretty great friends and family. Baby Gray is so blessed to come into this world surrounded by so much love!


We invited everyone back to our place to continue the celebration. We ended up having more drinks (well, not the pregnant lady), and we played heads up and cards against humanity. We hung out, ate some leftovers, and just had a great time!

Overall, the entire day was just wonderful. It’s certainly a day I’ll never forget.

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