How to Approach Holiday Parties

December 24, 2014

I talk a lot about not having to “survive” the holiday’s, because really, there is nothing to survive. This time of the year is meant to be enjoyed, spend time with family, give thanks, and remembering the reason for the season.


However, I do think there are some tips to keep in mind when going to a bunch of holiday parties surrounded with great food and drinks.

  • Eat throughout the day, and don’t starve yourself for one meal.
    • This is something I never understand. Some people starve themselves all day long so they can gorge at the party they are going to later than night or at Christmas dinner. That’s just silly, and it will make you completely overeat at that one meal. Eat your normal meals throughout the day, and eat a normal meal with a little bit of everything at the party or at your holiday meal.
  • Be mindful.
    • Eat what you want, seriously. However, be mindful of when you are hungry, when you are getting full, and what you really want to eat. Don’t just load up on a ton of stuff and feel like you have to eat everything just because it’s there.
  • Move.
    • Exercising is a fun activity you can do with your family! I personally love going to a park or something and going for a jog, a walk, bike ride, etc. Working up a little sweat can only help you, plus it’s fun.
  • Don’t stress.
    • Obviously if you are going to holiday parties and everything, you won’t know the macros or calories in any of the foods there. That’s okay. You shouldn’t have to count over the holiday’s. Eat, enjoy, and give thanks. Do not stress over food, it’s silly.
  • No foods are off limits.
    • Telling yourself you can’t have a food will definitely make you want it even more (in my opinion), and why would you deny yourself of something you want? Eat it! It won’t derail your progress. The only thing I do is eat what I truly want. If I want a piece of pecan pie, I’ll eat it. But I won’t eat cheesecake if I don’t want it just because it’s there.

Any tips you would give someone who stresses over the holiday parties?

Favorite dessert!?

    1. Great tips! I totally agree with everything you mentioned. Less stress, no restrictions, all the holiday food. In moderation… meaning… I cut myself off of leftovers 4 days afterwards. Ha! Happy Holidays!

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