Welcome to My Blog!

Hi friends! My name is Brittany Paige Lesser. I have a strong love for writing, a creative edge, and have various different passions, which is why I started this blog. I actually started out in the blogging world many years ago writing only about health and fitness. While it is one of my main passions and my main career focus, I realized I didn’t want to be limited to, or known for, that part of my life only.

Some of my other passions and interests, that you can expect to see on this blog, include pregnancy (and soon to be all things baby and parenting!), beauty, mental health, wellness, food, fashion, modeling, writing, photography, podcasting, my dogs, my life, relationships, family, and so much more.

I love sharing my life and connecting with so many incredible people through social media, which is why I have every single social media platform known to man. Between Instagram, YouTube, my podcast, and this blog, there is a way for me to express myself, help others, and create things in many different ways… which I absolutely love.

I hope by sharing my thoughts, passions, and knowledge I can inspire or help you in some way!

About Brittany

Brittany is a NASM certified personal trainer, Online Coach, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, YouTuber, Sponsored Athlete, Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor, and has obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida. Brittany is also a model and actor based in Los Angeles, California.

Brittany’s passion for health and fitness, as well as her passion for helping others, has combined and allowed her to make her dreams a reality of doing what she loves. She pours her all into every aspect of her career, and hopes to grow even more in hopes of reaching more people by inspiring and motivating them to be their best selves.

To work with Brittany for online coaching, modeling, acting, youtube or social media collabs, or social media managing, send an email to brittanylesserfitness@gmail.com


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