6 Months Pregnant Update: Weeks 23-27

December 4, 2017

My sixth month of pregnancy has come and gone JUST.LIKE.THAT. I am currently in my 7th month now, as I turn 28 weeks pregnant on December 4th, 2017. Part of me feels as if pregnancy is going so slow, but the other part feels like it’s flying by. Weird how that works, huh?

Before I know it, I’ll be going into labor and meeting my little man! INSANE!

It has been a crazy month with moving, traveling, holiday’s, etc. so I figured I’d lump month 6 into one update. I kind of like it better, though, what do you think? Weekly or monthly updates?

Week 23: 

Baby is the size of a corn on the cob!

Symptoms: Anxiety, heart racing/palpitations, headaches, stomach bug (diarrhea for like a week straight), tired, more sore in the gym.

Cravings: CHOCOLATE.

Workouts: Same as usual! Lifting about 5x per week with cardio about 4-5x per week for anywhere from 15-30 minute sessions.

Sleep: All good here.

Week 24:

Baby is the size of a Rutabaga!Symptoms:

Symptoms: Bigger belly, feeling baby kick DEEP in my vagina lol!, back hurts a lot, increased appetite, when I have to pee I have to go NOW, ears plugging.

Foods I’m Loving This Week: The usual.

Cravings: Nothing drastic.

Workouts: Same as usual! Lifting about 5x per week with cardio about 4-5x per week for anywhere from 15-30 minute sessions.

Sleep: Same, all good!

Other: This week we were getting ready to move which was stressful. Lots to do, lots of packing.

Week 25:

Baby is the size of a cabbage!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, feeling bigger, belly button is now out and flat/smooth, nose bleeds.

Foods I’m Loving This Week:

Cravings: Nothing Crazy. 

Workouts: Same.

Sleep: Same.

Other: I’ve noticed bending over feels weird now. I tried putting on an ankle strap at the gym and had to squat instead of bend. Clothes are now much tighter around my bump, although I still fit it’s just more uncomfortable. 

Week 26:

Everything was the same this week as last week.

Week 27:

Baby is the size of a bunch of bananas!

Symptoms: increased discharge, SO MANY CHARLIE HORSES – it’s almost insane because every night I wake up and I’m dying and flex my foot so hard to get rid of them, really bad car sickness (every time I’m in the car I want to die).

This week I also had a scare. One morning I woke up with a sharp, stabbing pain in my lower left side. I flung out of bed and almost passed out and threw up so I woke Matthew up immediately. First thought was I’m going into pre term labor. Then I realized it may just be round ligament pain – maybe the baby like moved and pinch that ligament. It only lasted like 5 minutes? 10 max? I can’t remember because I was in so much pain. Then I got FREEZING and was shaking and shivering so I was cuddling Matthew and then it went away. It was so, so scary. I emailed my doc and she said it was probably round ligament, because I was completely fine after that and baby was moving as normal! 

Foods I’m Loving This Week: SALT. All the salty things. Olives are life. Also loving chocolate still.

Workouts: SAME.

Sleep: SAME.

Other: Belly feels HUUUUGEEEE. We also did our birthing class this week!!! It was awesome and so helpful. Matthew and I feel great after it. Our crib and changing table/dresser also came in and I’m SO excited to put the nursery together!

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