21 Week Pregnancy Update - Brittany Lesser

21 Week Pregnancy Update

October 27, 2017


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Wow, time is flying. This post is actually a bit late because I’m almost 23 weeks as I’m posting this. I’m working on it people, I’m growing a human – cut me some slack 😉

This week was a big one! We had our 20-week anatomy scan, which was obviously about a week after I hit 20 weeks. First thing is first, we got confirmation that our baby is indeed a BOY! So exciting. I was unsure since we first did our gender reveal at 14 weeks. This is because we had to do like three different ultrasounds in order for her to get the confirmation. Baby’s legs were crossed and the umbilical cord was in between his legs. Regardless, he’s definitely a boy so I’m stoked!

My doctor said everything looked great and normal after the anatomy scan which was good to hear. However, she said there was once concern and that was that baby’s body was measuring at 21 weeks and his legs were measuring at 20 weeks. So basically, baby is “shorter than average”. Well, he’s definitely not taking after his mama in that department (I’m 5’9, taller than the average female).

The ultrasound made me extremely emotional because we saw EVERYTHING. Seeing everything so vividly made him look like an actual human and not just a little turtle like he has been looking. It was surreal to see his arms moving, him bouncing around, his little feet, this heart… it was just crazy.

Symptoms: Not many symptoms, still feeling great!

-One thing I’ve noticed is I’ve been super itchy all over, mostly on my legs though. I’ve been lathering up with lotion! I do scratch my legs, but I refrain from scratching my boobs when they itch because I already have a ton of stretch marks on them. Apparently, itching makes the marks worse and more noticeable.

-Another thing I noticed this week is I had like no appetite. Super weird, but sometimes I’m not hungry at all but try to eat at least two meals in order to get food and nourishment for babe.

-I’ve also been intermittent fasting unintentionally just because that has always, and still, works for me. I eat when I’m hungry!

Foods I’m Loving This Week: 

-Coffee!!! I bought half-caff k-cups and I’ve been loving them in the morning. I also got some peppermint mocha creamer and it is life.

-My typical foods! Brussel sprouts are my life again. Japanese sweet potatoes. Huge salads. Everything I ate pre-pregnancy that was a huge aversion to me in the first trimester is BACK baby!

Weight Gain: I’m right on track with my weight gain. I’ve gained about 10-13 pounds so far. I gained a big chunk in the beginning, and I believe it had something to do with the fact that I was in a calorie deficit and doing a shit ton of cardio and exercise right before getting pregnancy. So since I stopped eating lower calorie and stopped doing so much cardio, it makes sense my body was like WOAH and had to adjust. Also, sometimes with pregnancy you just can’t control what your body does. I’ve been exercising and eating healthy throughout my pregnancy, so I’m doing everything perfectly and the way I’m supposed to. My weight gain pretty much stalled around 12-13 weeks and has been holding steady since 🙂 Every pregnancy is different, too. Some women gain ZERO pounds in the first trimester and gain the majority of their weight in the second and/or third trimester. Some women (like me) gain faster in the beginning and then slows down in the second and/or third trimester. Some women gain a little amount of weight, some more! It’s important not to compare your journey to anyone else’s.

Other: I’ve had the biggest urge to CLEAN EVERYTHING. Seriously. I hate cleaning, but I started “nesting” at like 8 weeks no lie. But this week it has been serious.

Lastly, my anxiety has been bad again this week. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life, but it hasn’t been a problem for me in quite a while. I’ve had it extremely under control… until I got pregnant. It started up in the first trimester, just randomly. Nothing I was anxious about in particular, but I’d randomly start getting extremely sad, cry alone in my room, have trouble breathing, and super fast heart beat. No panic attacks, but all of those symptoms still aren’t fun. It went away and then it seems as if it has been coming in and out. It hasn’t been unbearable, but if it gets to that point, I’ll talk to my doctor about it! I asked on social media if anyone has been through the same thing, and many women said theirs started acting up during their pregnancy as well. So ladies, you’re not alone!

Are you currently pregnant?

If so or if you have been, what were some things you noticed around this time in your pregnancy?

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